Netbook query

  freddy-firecracker 13:56 31 Dec 2008


I am loking for some advice, i am planning to buy a netbook for my wife and need some help choosing the best option.

it will be used for internet & e-mail (must have a wireless connection) and the odd bit of music stored on it.
Windows OS if possible (to ensure compatability etc)
I'm not too bothered about the make

I am aiming to spend no more than £250-£260

I notice that Acer make quite a few but as i've never looked at any before a bit of help would be appreciated.



  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:00 31 Dec 2008

A friend has just bought the Samsung NC10 and IMHO, it blows all the rest out of the here

  curofone 14:11 31 Dec 2008

at that price range the acers are probably the best machines out there but i have to agree with gandalf if you can find that extra £30 to £40 the samsung is the way to go

  donki 14:51 31 Dec 2008

I liked the look of the Samsung as well was lookign at it before Xmas, do any of the networks supply it?

  freddy-firecracker 17:22 31 Dec 2008


Looks pretty impressive. I'm not planning to buy until April so the price may come down a bit, otherwise i'll need to get a few hours overtime in.

Cheers for the help.


  curofone 20:38 31 Dec 2008

You can get the white nc10 off the dixons website for £283 (use code NEWYEAR25 at the checkout) at the moment and the cheapest i have seen it anywhere, so only £23 over budget.

I am not sure how much laptops will come down in price in the near future, i heard like car plants shutting down for a few weeks the same is happening with lcd panel manufactures in the far east in the new year and that in turn could raise the price of laptop screen and therefore laptops towards the 2nd quater of the year

  realist 22:17 31 Dec 2008

Currently the cheapest XP netbook
click here

  curofone 22:42 31 Dec 2008

It is cheap for a reason though, only 8gb (flash) storage, 512mb ram, 900mhz celeron processor (would rather have the atom), 7" screen and i dread to think how small that keyboard is looking at the pics, most of the modern netbooks have 93% sized keyboards.

personally I would go for the samsung or a msi wind varient, posibly the medion one from aldi as it comes witha 3 year warranty (obviously that depends if your local aldi still has one in stock)

But good find never the less

  sidecar sid 15:24 01 Jan 2009

Using the discount code posted by curofone
You can get the Advent 4211c from Dixons for
This is a rebadged MSI Wind.
Although it hasn't got the battery power or
sex appeal of the Samsung it is a dammned good machine.

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