Netbook, laptop or ultrabook for 4 months travelling?

  jennifercrea 18:59 15 Oct 2012

Hi I am really in need of some advice. I am travelling round Japan and the USA for 4 months next year and I need to buy a PC to take with me.

The immediate choice seems to be a netbook - small, light, portable, good battery life and not too expensive if it dies, is stolen or broken.

But I need it for more than just skype, emailing and surfing the web. I want to be able to download photos off my memory cards (there will be a lot and I use j-peg and RAW files so they will be big files), possibly edit them using software from my canon camera (could do this when i get home) and then uploading them to flickr/external hard drive so i have a back up. I know internet speed plays a part but I think I need more RAM than offered by netbooks (seems to be 1GB).

I have looked at laptops (bigger and heavier) and ultrabooks (much more than I wanted to spend). I have been told that a netbook won't meet my needs but I am not sure if that is because the person advising me wants me to spend more on a laptop/ultrabook. My question is would a netbook be ok for the sort of use I want to get out of it? Even if I don't edit the photos but just upload them/download them? If not can anyone recommend any laptops...small and light as possible but under £500. I've been looking for weeks and I'm beginning to think what I want doesn't exist!

thank you in advance.


  jennifercrea 19:24 15 Oct 2012

Another questions is what sort of processor should I be looking at for my needs outlined in my original post? I have been told to consider anything from Intel Core i3 upwards. There are so many laptops with AMD processors. Are these any good?

  wee eddie 19:43 15 Oct 2012

If you are travelling and buying for that purpose, I would suggest going "Second User".

The reason being that a beat-up Lappy is unlikely to get stolen, whereas a shiny new one will be a target for every Airport Loading Bay Attendant that there is.

So, a Second User Ultrabook of the highest Spec that you can find. Don't worry about the exact specification and if you don't like it that much, sell it on when you return.

  jennifercrea 19:49 15 Oct 2012

Thanks Eddie. Where can I get second user ones from? Not keen to go via ebay/gumtree.

  kad60 08:01 16 Oct 2012

I have bought some items from the CeX group of stores, good thing is you get a years warranty.They have a couple of ultra books i am interested in.

  The Kestrel 09:24 16 Oct 2012

This Acer netbook from Amazon might be what you need. I have one and it is really a mini-laptop with an 11" screen rather than a netbook. It has a dual core processor, 4Gb on RAM and a 500Gb hard drive. The only missing thing from a normal laptop is a DVD/CD drive.

  Forum Editor 11:39 16 Oct 2012

I do a fair amount of travelling, and I take lots of photographs - also with a Canon camera.

If I'm working I generally take a ThinkPad because it's light, and does everything I need for business on the move.

If it's a holiday trip I take my Acer netbook which easily handles anything I throw at it. I use USB memory sticks for my images, and do any editing when I get home. You might be better advised to take the netbook route - much easier to carry, and surprisingly capable. I really like mine.

Mind you, I take my iPad everywhere as well,but I'm a bit of a geek, so I would.

  woodchip 19:01 16 Oct 2012

Some Hear for you to have a look at

Click for Netbooks etc

  sunnystaines 05:59 17 Oct 2012

our netbook goes everywhere, excellent battery use, ok for photos etc. only bad point 1g of RAM can slow it down at times especially when using ms office starter edition.

so much easier than a larger laptop, carry an external dvd drive to play dvd's on planes to pass the time.

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