Nero Users Take Note

  IZZY 15:44 09 Jul 2003

I haven't seen any threads about this so forgive me if it's old news.

Nero is issuing Version 6 later this month but it appears that it's not going to be a free upgrade to V.5.5 as all the ones up to now have been.

There's a lot more info on the Web site

click here

But as I read it, it means that only people who have a full copy of the software and not the OEM version which came with the computer or CD-RW, which I imagine the majority of users will have, will be eligible for the new version:

Here's the extract from the site :

Who will get an upgrade for free?

All users who have purchased the Nero 5.5 Retailbox version (NOT the OEM version that came bundled with your drive or PC) after the 1st of May 2003, will receive a free e-mail upgrade to Nero 6 Ultra Edition.

Please note: Users who bought Nero 5.5 through our webshop (download and boxed version) after the 1st of May 2003 will get automatically a free upgrade to Nero 6 Ultra Edition around the 18th of July. They don't have to register themselves.

I make no comment but I hope the information is helpful.



Yes I saw that only yesterday.

I have been amazed at Nero (Ahead) for giving away so many updates that are really new programs for so long and would always reccomend nero as a result.

However, I think that Nero 6 will be a all singing and dancing change to the program that I look forward to with anticipation.

Well done Nero for keeping customer happy with the automatic upgrade - cant beat that for reassurance!

  leo49 17:32 09 Jul 2003

As above,why should the upgrade to version6 be free? I can't think of too many software houses that give away new software.

Except for those who 'must have'the very latest, I can't see why anyone whose Nero works with their writer should need to upgrade anyway.I imagine most will migrate when they upgrade their PC/Burner and acquire the OEM version 6.

[Mind you,since when has 'need' been part of the PC vocabulary? - I'll probably take a look at it!]:o)


  Mango Grummit 17:45 09 Jul 2003

I recently got another writer that had Roxio with it so as I've got 3 multi booting machines I thought I would standardise and get the full Nero (which I prefer) for them all.

Just looked up receipt. Just my luck, 23 April 03. I hope I did not register it too quickly :o)

  IZZY 18:06 09 Jul 2003

leo49...Hello, Long time no see!

I don't think I suggested or implied that the Upgrade should be free and I'm sorry if that was the inference you got from the thread.



  leo49 18:22 09 Jul 2003

How're doing?

No, I took your meaning to be that it was bit rough on folk who'd recently bought Nero not knowing of the imminent release - I think it was announced at the end May/beginning June with a release date of July 18th.However I doubt any software retailer publicised the fact in their adverts.

{That being said,Mango's the person I've ever heard of who's actually bought Nero as a piece of standalone software rather than acquiring it OEM or elsewhere.


  D-P-R 18:25 09 Jul 2003

Heres a nero 6 Preview
click here

  -pops- 19:07 09 Jul 2003

I, too, am surprised that Nero has had so many free updates whilst in version 5 that I shall have no hesitation in paying for version 6 PROVIDED that it does something radically different and important to anything done by previous versions.

I'm lucky, I suppose, as I have recently upgraded my burning hardware (CD and DVD) and got all the Nero 5.xxxx updates to go with that. In the circumstances, it will be a while before I need to do anything.

For info, I paid for the full version of Nero 5 when it was first issued several years ago. I think I've have exceptionally good value from it.

(Before anyone comments about having it installed on more than one machine, I don't. It is only installed on one machine at any one time. This was with the blessing of Ahead Nero).


  Confab 13:30 10 Jul 2003

A graeat piece of software and I would have no hesitation in buying version 6 - As long as the price was right of course!

The free upgardes and support have been excellent from this company.

  IZZY 17:17 10 Jul 2003

Thanks for the interest, lads, and for the endorsement of what to me, at anyrate, is the best piece of software around. I'll close the thread now with regards to all.


  Simsy 11:25 11 Jul 2003

a couple of years ago.

I'd got version 4 as OEM with the PC. I can't remember what the improvements were, but it made sense for me to upgrade to version 5 and I got it on special from one of the major retailers, (Amazon or Jungle, or someone like that), for about £12.



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