Nero OEM where's cheapest?

  [DELETED] 22:08 01 Dec 2003

I read in the helproom (can't find thread) about Nero OEM for £4.98 (can't remember if it's 5.5 or 6, though it doesn't matter for what I want). I had 5.5 on my old 98SE machine and we got along fine. I've now got XP and I don't get on with their own CD-RW software. I can't design/print CD covers or burn tracks/data in a multi-session mode, though I'm told it's possible but no-one has told me how to do it. So I'm looking to go back to Nero if I can find it cheap enough. The good ldy wont let me spend to much as I've just had this PC and Christmas blah, blah, blah. TR

  [DELETED] 22:12 01 Dec 2003

click here

scroll halfway down - Nero6 Express OEM Suite 1

They seem to have run out of the old version 5

  [DELETED] 22:18 01 Dec 2003

That's the one, do you reckon it'll be alright for me? I assume I'd have to disable/uninstall XP's own. Thanks TR

  [DELETED] 22:37 01 Dec 2003

I would think it'll do fine - according to the illustration it comes with serial number and anyway it'll be updatable to the latest version from the Ahead website.

You just have to stop and disable XP's own writing effort in Services as you suspect to avoid any possible clashes.

  [DELETED] 23:26 01 Dec 2003

Yes, it comes with a serial number.You can't go wrong for less than a fiver :o)

  Stuartli 09:07 02 Dec 2003

Normally OEM versions of Nero come dedicated to a particular rewriter - there is no serial number but updates can be done as normal on the ahead website.

However, if you try and use the program in another brand of rewriter it won't work....:-)

But the company concerned offering Nero at this price I respect highly, having dealt with it several times, so can only assume it's a bargain - even more so as it's Version 6.

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