Nero Extra cost !! Rip Off

  rupie 19:16 18 May 2004

Bought Nero 6 From PC world. It was Just under £60. When I go to encode audio files to mp3 I get told that I can only do this operation 30 times before I have to buy a plug in for an extra £20. It says nothing about this on any of the packaging, or in in the manual. This means that part of the product is now unusable. It also does not say that the software is OEM or not. This is a breach of the sales of goods act between me and PC world isnt it ?? I could be wrong but it may not be a deliberate act by PC world, but as i bought it from them the sale contract is not between me and nero but me and PC world ??

  SEASHANTY 19:35 18 May 2004

You don't have to use Nero. There are many freeware progs that will convert audio files to MP3. Do a search on Google and download some of them.
click here

  Totally-braindead 20:12 18 May 2004

I use Audiograbber from here click here its freeware, all you need to download as well is an encoder which is also free, works perfectly, instructions on the website. On what happened with your Nero, I would be well hacked off, I presume it says on the box that it encodes audio files to MP3s but says nothing about a limit of 30 days. I would take it back, I use Nero and really like it for burning but if I bought it for encoding MP3s and the box says it does and then you find it will only do it for 30 days then I would say you're justified in asking for a refund, especially at £60. PC Advisor gave away a free 30 day copy of Nero 6 the other month and that was free.

  spuds 20:24 18 May 2004

On the back of your receipt is the main address for PCWorld [DSG].Write to their Customer Services, and express your concern. See what they say or suggest.You could also speak to the manager of the store, you purchased from.

If you purchased 'straight off the shelf' at the PCW store, then this will be a full retail pack and not OEM.

  Chronos 20:37 18 May 2004

i go with SEASHANTY on this, there are so many progs for free out there, CDEX being very good. and while you are at it, it is only £47 at amazon and it is post free..........

  rupie 21:06 18 May 2004

The price is not the issue here. Do not get hung up on that. I am fed up of most free programs not working properly or offering no support. The software is used for many other things other than convert MP3. It is the consumer rights here that are the issue.!!!

  krypt1c 22:32 18 May 2004

As crx1600 says suspect you've no comeback. Like Chrons I use CDex for encoding .Get it from click here I also use MP3gain once I've created my mp3's. This is a utulity that reads the files to check the sound quality. If there is any 'clipping' you can fix it. Get it from click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:56 18 May 2004

You have no comeback as Nero's website makes it perfectly clear. before having a heart attack i would suggest that you read up before buying any item, it will not take long. Oh, and it is not PCWorld's fault before the 'anti PCW' Nazgul appear...they are only selling the item and it's boundaries are quite clear, if you had done a bit of consumer research.

Nero is still an excellent programme and there are many freeware add-ons available so I fail to see your problem.


  Forum Editor 23:42 18 May 2004

against PC World if on the pack it clearly states that the MP3 encoder is a trial version, and only good for 30 tracks. Neither do you have a claim if no mention at all is made of an MP3 encoder.

If, on the other hand, the pack contains a statement that a full version of the MP3 encoder is included as part of the product, you may well have a claim that the goods are not as described.

You have already confirmwed that "It says nothing about this on any of the packaging" (referring to it being a trial version), so perhaps you can tell us what it does say?

  ton 01:01 19 May 2004

I use Nero (excellent) and I also have the mp3Pro encoder, but if my memory is correct, the 30 day trial only applies to mp3Pro, not to the normal mp3 encoder, which should continue to work after 30 days (or uses).

  rupie 10:11 19 May 2004

The product packaging says nothing on the box about 30 days or any trial at all. I should be able to find out all the infomation in the shop about a product, It is covered under the sales of goods act the same as a box of Tea bags. This is not a general go at PCworld and I have other MP3 programs as well. I use Nero mainly for burning and other things. It is just the point that as a consumer I have been ripped off.

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