Nero 6 - Worth the upgrade?

  tomhealy 12:35 27 Aug 2003

Can anyone tell me if it is worth paying £30 or so upgrading from Nero 5.5 to the new version, Nero 6?

I don't have a DVD writer if that makes a difference.


  Belatucadrus 14:19 27 Aug 2003

click here for a pretty good reason not to.

  leo49 14:21 27 Aug 2003

That's already been fixed.

  [DELETED] 15:13 27 Aug 2003

I'm sure somebody once told me that, for DVD writing purposes, it is worth updating.

  Coaster3 23:06 27 Aug 2003

I think you have to ask yourself - is there anything I want to do that I can't do with Nero 5?

It certainly does everything I need so I won't be upgrading.

  The Sack 22:09 28 Aug 2003

I have been burning DVDs with 5.5 for ages.

  Gaz 25 01:49 29 Aug 2003

'I have been burning DVDs with 5.5 for ages.'

Me too.

  tomhealy 08:35 01 Sep 2003

Thanks everyone. I guess i'll give it a miss then!

Not too quick....

I have been using 5.5 for ages and have tried the demo version (download full function demo free from Ahead's site) it is simply excellent.

First, How about scheduling a regular backup of your entire system on an incremental basis and writing that to CD or DVD? Not somthing you can do with 5.5......

Also, given the excellent updates offered by Nero I would be surprised if this product does not just keep getting better.

No, Win xp can write to disk and I dont use DVD but the features and interface of the new Nero 6 is worth the upgrade alone, never mind the back up facility which would cost you near to that with another dedicated backup program.

Well worth it to me....

  tomhealy 11:56 01 Sep 2003

I have Norton Ghost as part of Systemworks Pro 2003 (for only £21) so I would probably not use that in Nero.

Any idea if you can run both 5.5 and the demo of 6 at the same time?

  rubans 14:21 01 Sep 2003

Don't think its possible to have both as it removed my nero 5.5 first.

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