need video card choice help please

  claudine 20:18 02 Mar 2004

ok, I am trying to configure a computer that I want to buy and the choices for the video card are as follows: 256Mb nVidia Geforce FX 5600 XT Tvout+DVI; 128 MB ATi Radeon 9800 Pro; and 256 MB Radeon 9600 VGA/DVI-I/TV-out.

Why is the Nvidia £125 cheaper than the radeon 9800, and is my son right when he says the nVidia is the better of the two? He says it is better to go for 256Mb than 128. I am confused....

  siliconbits 21:57 02 Mar 2004

What do you want to do with that video card. If it is to do some word processing and internet, better get a £15 card from SIS or an ol' PCI one. What's the configuration of your machine. If you are planning to get that card to play (which seems to be the case), then you better get a whole system if your PC is 3 years old or more. The 5600 is more midrange whereas the 9800 is top of the range or near there.

  hector 911 22:04 02 Mar 2004

don`t waste your money on a 256MB card, hardly of any use even on playing games, stick with a 128Mb more than enough.

and as already posted, if your pc is more than three years old probalbly not worth doing the upgrade. the 98pro needs more power including power supply watts, and your motherboard if older than 3yrs won`t be compatible.

  carver 22:16 02 Mar 2004

For any game thats out now or due to come out the FX5600 is the card to go for, you will not notice any difference with a more expensive card, the 258mb card will make a difference with the newer games due to come out.

  claudine 05:13 03 Mar 2004

thanks for replying but I am not planning to upgrade an old computer, I am buying a new one and trying to configure (maybe I used the wrong word?) it online. The above graphics cards are what I have to chose between for teh model I have selected and I was just wondering why the 256mb one is cheaper than the 128mb one, by such a long way, and whether anyone could recommend which to go for. This will be a media centre, and will also be used for games, both now and for a few years to come I hope

  Rigga 09:41 03 Mar 2004

Hi Claudine,

Generally speaking, but not always :-) the more expensive the card the better it is.

However you have to ask yourself the question, "Do I NEED to be playing the 'top of the range' games?, and do I NEED to play them in huge resolutions?"

I would guess that most average games, would answer no to at least one of those things. And if so then the £125 increase in price to go for the Ati 9800 Pro, is not really worth the money.

If it were me I'd go for either the FX 5600 XT or the Radeon 9600, both of which are good cards for a reasonable amount of money.

The latest and greatest cards are always sold at a premium, and then when the next latest and greatest cards come out the old cards are usually reduced in price, often by quite a lot.

plus, you can always upgrade your graphics card at a later date, when the newer range of cards comes out.


P.S. Configure is the correct word!

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