need a tablet with a flash camera urgent!!!!

  Nix1437 16:43 03 Sep 2013

We're using tab 2

  Nix1437 16:46 03 Sep 2013

Stupid phone. So we need to take photos in lofts and tabs tab 2 doesn't have one.

Any ideas? Please help, gpogling is a nightmare!!

  BT 17:36 03 Sep 2013

A cheap digital camera might be a better and cheaper option.

  Nix1437 10:50 04 Sep 2013

Hi, sorry didn't explain properly as I was on my phone

We are using survey software that has the ability to take photographs through the tablet. We had previously been using a separate camera but it created problems matching the photos to the survey.

For all other required photos the tablet is fine, we just need it to be able to take a photo in very low light conditions - eg the loft.

Cost of the equipment is not really important as the time saving it gives us is more important.

I found the Lenovo Thinkpad but the cost of that is extortionate.

Then there is the Toshiba AT300, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Asus Transformer Pad Infinity - these are just from Googling and I ahven't had chance to check them out yet.

I wondered if anyone had seen a 7" tablet with a camera flash that they could recommend.

Many thanks

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