In need of some advice for new laptop

  StuartNickel 20:34 27 Dec 2014

Hi all

This is my first post here and hope that someone can help me out.

Cut a long story short pc world have given me £600 to get a new laptop as my old one went wrong. I have to get it from a pc world store or

This was my old one that did me well and was still going strong but got a little sluggish as I never formatted it in 5 years. I liked everything about it as well even now I still like it but obviously have to get a new one.

click here is what I used it for. Web, making cds, photo editing via PhotoShop, audio editing via adobe audition, watching films and maybe a game but nothing special but that don't mean if something good comes out id still like to be able to run it.

I seem to be drawn to HP still I have found a pavilion with touchscreen and an envy without which I think are both good but I'm not sure if I need to have a touchscreen or not and if I did get one with will it make it more future proof or not.

Please help me decide what to get. I have £600 to spend and have to get it from

Thanks in advance for the help


  rdave13 23:08 27 Dec 2014

Don't bother with touchscreen, if a laptop, to start with. Adds expense for no actual computer power.

  rdave13 23:12 27 Dec 2014
  rdave13 23:16 27 Dec 2014

Dang it all it's a touchscreen. Forget it. I missed that. Apologies.

Hunt their site for a non touchscreen laptop about your value.

  StuartNickel 06:41 28 Dec 2014

Thanks for the reply. Why don't you think a touchscreen would be any good?

I have found this that I seem to like click here don't mind the amd in it as that's what my last one had and it worked a treat.

What do you think?


  chub_tor 12:54 28 Dec 2014

I agree with rdave13 that touchscreens on a regular laptop add a level of confusion that is not necessary but if you consider one of the fold over screens that turn a laptop into a "heavy" tablet then you will find the touchscreen useful. Have a look at these Asus or this one Lenovo Fles personally I prefer the latter.

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