Need Purchasing Advice for 'cool' destop

  woodpecker 00:13 09 Jul 2004


I have recently started working from home & therefore moved a second PC in to my small study with the prospect of maybe needing to bring in a third one! The heat in hear can get quite bad and my oldest personal pc is overheating all the time as this is on 24/7 and is constantly in use so doesn't get chance to cool down. I need advice on whether to get a new case and some accessories or is it better to go for a new pc setup specifically for the job?

The current one has a good VGA, Soundcard, DVD drive but I think the Hard Drive is shot with all this overheating. Its so difficult to get advice on the various 'cooling accessories for pcs so I will appreciate any advice people can give. The 2 points I want to work to are noise, I don't need anymore of this so I want to get a different PSU and fans in any case which are quieter and weight, I am disabled and cannot manage if the upright is too heavy so a cooling system that adds 10Kgs is not an option lol. I have looked around and cannot see any firms offering an off the peg setup with is designed specifically for keeping a pc cool and quiet you seem to need to order a custom built one which makes me wonder if I shouldn't just buy the components and fit my old stuff in there? Sorry for rambling on and thanks for reading!!

Cheers Marcus

  pmjd 01:18 09 Jul 2004

Not too sure myself but can hopefully point you in a few directions.

Try Overclockers uk click here

They list a lot of accessories for cooling from bigger quiter CPU fans such as the Zalman range, to liquid cooling. Does your current case have any space for extra cooling fans? If so newer cases are quite cheep on Ebuyer. The quieter PSU will probably help alot.

Overclockers also sell HDD coolers, so might take the heat out of your HDD.

Also consider where you can place you computers. Keep them out of tight corners so air can circulate more freely.

Sorry, this has turned into a bit of a ramble as well. In short you can easily add extra cooling to your current case but depending upon the size of it a newer, larger one could allow a bit more internal space for air circulation. Really depends on your budget and determination.


  Djohn 01:49 09 Jul 2004

click here I think you may find this site interesting for quiet PC components. j.

  smoothcue 09:28 09 Jul 2004

Try here click here You have the option to make the pc as quiet as suits your needs.

  woodpecker 10:33 09 Jul 2004

Thank you for these sites guys and the advice, I believe from looking here that I may well be able to make things work with my current case and setup which is great news!! Much appreciated.

  wee eddie 17:49 09 Jul 2004

to allow some extra airflow through the room

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