Need a new pc & some advice much appreciated

  noggynoo 23:43 17 Jun 2013

Complete novice here so bear with me! I'm looking to buy a new PC and have 2 in mind-but don't know whether firstly they would be suitable for my needs, and secondly whether they are actually any good as I get confused by all the jargon! I need a good all-round pc for general internet use, office work and occasional gaming use mainly flight sims. So good graphics would be a benefit. Power and speed would obviously be a big advantage but I can't tell which is better, so any advice is much appreciated.

The 1st pc has the following: Motherboard : Gigabyte 78LMT USB 3.0 Motherboard Technology CPU : AMD Piledriver FX 6300 4.1ghz Six Core 14mb Cache Hard Drive : 1tb Sata Hard Drive Memory : 16gb DDR3 1600mhz Memory Optical Drive : 24x Dual Layer Sata DVD Writer Power Supply : 500 Watt Branded Power Supply Graphics Card : ATI Radeon 6670 2gb DDR3 with HDMI Hyper Memory Upto 3.8gb Operating System : Windows 8 64bit With Disc and License.

The 2nd Pc is advertised with these specifications: AMD Athlon 750K 4.0GHz Quad Core. CPU 16GB of 1333Mhz DDR3 RAM. 1TB Hard Drive. Motherboard FM2 GA-F2A55M-DS2 Storage Space. AMD Radeon HD6670 2GB Graphics Card. Standard 450w PSU. Windows 8 Operating System 64bit.

I hope that I have included enough above for someone to make some sense out of as to whether either would serve their purpose well, and even more importantly if they are powerful enough for me and a good investment.

I hope someone may be able to help and many thanks.

  chub_tor 13:07 18 Jun 2013

Either one is more than capable of meeting your requirements of "a good all-round pc for general internet use, office work and occasional gaming use mainly flight sims." They are both powerful enough but no computer is "a good investment," they are all out of date and losing money the second you buy them - technology is moving faster than any of us can keep up with.

You haven't mentioned price or manufacturer so without knowing your budget it is not possible to suggest sensible alternatives. Many on this forum recommend Novatech and the link will take you to their gaming range although probably the Home range will do you just as well.

  chandrra 14:04 27 Jun 2013

both are having nice specifications but it will be better to choose the one having high ram specificatoins

  Nontek 15:34 27 Jun 2013

For a complete novice you have chosen some pretty powerful specs there. I agree with chub_tor, have a look at the Novatech selection - they also guarantee no Bloatware!

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