Need New Monitor!!! For gaming!!!!

  Seth064 23:56 29 Jul 2004

Rite I need to buy a new monitor, Between £100 - £250 I will spend.
Now, I dont know anything about Monitors and I need one that has a quick Response time, obviously as I will mainly be using it for GAMING. I am looking for a Minimum screen size of 17" and a maximum screen size of wat ever my price range can manage to be honest. Am not looking for TFTs jsut CTR that is prefebly Flat Screen!

Any directions and recomendations would be appreciated!

(sorry for poor english, its my first language but am still bad at it )

  Forum Editor 00:48 30 Jul 2004

than the Iiyama 19" VM Pro 454

click here

  Seth064 00:51 30 Jul 2004

But wat is the response time on it, is it good for gaming???

  Seth064 00:53 30 Jul 2004

took a look at the specs for it there but could see anything like 'Response time'. Is there a different phrase/word/abbreviation used for it?

  helmetshine 01:17 30 Jul 2004

CRT's don't have a response time.....look for the refresh rate and just make sure it's 75 or over at whatever resolution you're gonna use.The Iiyama mentioned about won't disappoint but you could also look at the Mitsubishi 930 SB....or even the 93SB to save a bit of money.

  Forum Editor 01:18 30 Jul 2004

what the response time is, maybe you should call Iiyama and ask them?

  Mister Splendid©® 07:35 30 Jul 2004

With crt monitors response time does not apply. As posted above you need to look at the refresh rate for the resolution you intend using. 75Hz should be the minimum you are looking at but higher is better. Go with the FE's recommendation or Helmetshines first and you will be very happy. Crt monitors are so cheap now you may as well buy the best.

  simonp1 08:19 30 Jul 2004


Its the refresh rate that counts. Just looked at the monitor specs, and im very untrested myself TBH.

1024 x 768 160Hz This is fast.

Now as long as your PC and GF card can cope with it, i would say this is a very good option.

  wee eddie 17:23 30 Jul 2004

refers to the number of times the screen is refreshed every second.

  Seth064 18:26 30 Jul 2004

Thanks alot guys, I will probably get the Iiyama 19" VM Pro 454 .

Thanks again! Cheers!

  simonp1 07:43 01 Aug 2004

I must admit i think i will to thanks FE,

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