Need a new Computer with TV card....any help?!

  Grr... 15:40 19 Oct 2005

hi, i was wondering if any of you could help me find the best deal for a new computer I want.

I currently have a TV, Playstation2, and VCR in my bedroom. I want a computer in my bedroom to replace the existing TV (due to size restrictions I cant have both).

I want to be able to watch TV on my computer. I want to be able to play my PS2 over my monitor. I also want to be able to record one channel and watch another (either with the VCR or the TV card). I would like to have teletext and stereo sound. A radio would also be good.

I have no aerial on my roof but I can connect to an NTL cable box.

My budget is between £550 - £650, any suggestions would be amazing! Thank you all, Ryan

  Stuartli 16:37 19 Oct 2005

Buy a straightforward computer system and add a £50 TwinHan DTV-ter D+A Freeview PCI TV card.

The card will allow you to receive Freeview TV and radio channels (if you are in a suitable area) and the PVR facility will record programmes (including watching one at the same time if they are on the same MUX).

You can use it as well for videos, music and games consoles and record as well.


click here

  Grr... 14:50 20 Oct 2005

thats seems a good card, know anyone who has used one, if so, are they any good?

and where would you suggest getting a computer from, any cheap sites i dont know about?! cheers again.Ryan

  Stuartli 15:22 20 Oct 2005

I have one...:-)

If you want cheap computers than e-Buyer, Scan of Bolton (click here) or similar have them at various prices.

Or you could try Scan's BareBones systems (look under the Systems link); alternatively, BigPockets is always offering refurbished machines that are probably perfectly suitable for what you require:click here

+ refurbished monitors.

  Stuartli 15:26 20 Oct 2005

This BigPockets barebones system might be of interest:

click here

Seems quite compact and with 17in TFT screen.

You'll need a CPU etc which may put it out of reach pricewise though.

  Grr... 15:52 20 Oct 2005

what, in your opinion, would be the best way of buying a computer? pre-built? or custom built? i know i keep asking questions but i want to get the best for my money and you seem to be the best help as of yet.

couldnt do me a huge favour could you? as you know about everything (its seems that way anyway) could u possibly really help me get what i want. if you could tell me links to various places (such as that card) for each item i need, id be eternally grateful.

  Stuartli 16:26 20 Oct 2005

The link for the card is in the original posting.

A ready assembled system appears to be your best choice, but the choice is so vast that it would be impossible to give a definitive answer.

Price, intended use and various other factors have to be taken into consideration.

Have a look at this:

click here

and others:

click here

Aim for a Pentium or Athlon CPU if possible.

  Stuartli 16:27 20 Oct 2005

No doubt others can come up with even better suggestions.

  Stuartli 16:29 20 Oct 2005

This BigPockets offering is probably better value:

click here

  Grr... 10:42 21 Oct 2005

click here

does this seem a good deal to you?

  Stuartli 12:25 21 Oct 2005

Not really. No operating system, smallish hard drive and what appears to be onboard sound (C-Media, although it's not necessarily a bad thing but a proper card is better) and onboard graphics from SIS.

There are much better deals around, even more so when you have to add the cost of delivery and an operating system...:-)

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