Need Laptop that will drive 2 hi res monitors

  GaryBlakely 21:27 26 Jul 2014

While most laptops will drive one external monitor via one HDMI port, I'm looking for one that will drive 2 high res external monitors in a high performance fashion.
I don't think any laptop has 2 HDMI ports. A geek at Best Buy told me that I could daisy chain any number of monitors using the mini display port. He said that the mini display port is very much like Apple ThunderBolt which can chain monitors. But I've never found anyone who is actually doing this on any computer. Someone in the windows forum rigged up a Rube Goldberg setup where he was able to run two monitors from a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 but it wasn't pretty. In my home/office environment I would run the two monitors with the laptop closed. When traveling I would use the laptop screen so I am hoping for something bigger than 14 inches on the screen. Thanks, Dean

  Woolwell 12:04 28 Jul 2014

I've not done it. Have a read of Display port.

  Woolwell 12:07 28 Jul 2014

The monitors should have display port.

  Woolwell 12:14 28 Jul 2014

HP have laptops HP that can do it but so do other manufacturers.

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