Need a laptop reccomendation!

  Peter-27 14:01 19 Sep 2010

Budget is £400 or less. Looking for the best laptop i can get for that amount of money ... it will be used for gaming and schoolwork.

I was looking at: click here

The one thing putting me off about that is that the enter key is really small!! I like the usual big ones Also, it's a refurb! What are your thoughts of this laptop?

I would consider any other laptops you reccomend.

Thanks, Peter!

  961 15:15 19 Sep 2010

Your link does not work

Personally, I wouldn't buy a refurb although many do and seem quite happy

Try click here for good value and special offers

My daughter bought Acer and was highly delighted

  Peter-27 15:21 19 Sep 2010

Whoops!! This was the link: click here

Let me know what you think as i have now bought it =)

  961 15:32 19 Sep 2010

Well you've now bought it so my opinion is rather redundant!

However, you've picked a good make and, from what I can see the refurb has been carried out by Acer, which is a plus. Remember you must raise an issue with Dabs/Acer within 90 days although if you've paid by credit card you may have longer with the card company

And Dabs is a good company to deal with (part of BT)

So, enjoy!

  Peter-27 15:38 19 Sep 2010

What are the downsides of this laptop?

It did seem good specs for the price but i guess that was because it was a refurb.

  961 15:51 19 Sep 2010

I really don't know enough about this particular spec. Try googling for reviews

For schoolwork and general use I'm sure it will be fine. For gaming you'll need to see what video card is in and the processor may not be up with the latest, but again, you'll need to do some research

  Peter-27 16:02 19 Sep 2010

Thanks ;-)

  ordep 17:39 19 Sep 2010

Try Argos/outlet on Ebay, I've just brought one myself there.

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