Need Help looking for a PC for music production.

  Aces High. 00:18 18 Feb 2010

Hi, I'm currently looking for a Desktop PC suitable to use for music production with a bit of gaming on the side.

It's primary use would be to record guitar and mess around with programs like cubase, as well as being able to run most modern games.

I am willing to spend around £1000 and would rather the machine be pre built, as I am not 100% confident building my own and would rather avoid any unnecessary hassle.

The best looking machine I have found so far is the Titan Goliath from Overclockers with maybe a graphics card upgrade click here

I'd like people's opinions on this machine and a point in the right direction as to where to look at some alternative PCs.

  PJ90 11:02 18 Feb 2010

HI Aces High, I have used a few companies when purchasing computers, but my last few have been from Cube247. Im not going to list names but other companies i have used have had terrible aftersales.

I have had a couple of gaming computers from them, all really good quality. The last one i purchased was a Perseus system. Its worth looking at their website, however i would also recommend giving them a call as they will spec up a system to meet your requirements.

Let me know how you get on.

  scotty 13:13 18 Feb 2010

Music production software is likely to run on fairly basic hardware so I would select the hardware based on your gaming requirements.

As you use it to record guitar, I would suggest that you have a dual boot for Operating Systems and include Ubuntu Studio as an option. It provides a good range of audio software ( click here ). Add TuxGuitar and you will have quite a range of audio software to play with.

  canarieslover 14:18 18 Feb 2010

Depends how serious you are about your music production. If you want good quality music recording and production you need a machine that has low noise circuits and fans. There are specialist buiders for music pc's so speak to one of those first to see what you really need. Here's one I just picked off Google.
click here

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