Need help deciding on a laptop for uni.

  Norrey 15:12 15 Jun 2012

So I am going off to uni later this year and want to replace my old laptop with something before I go. I have budget of around £650 but when I started looking for laptops I realised I really new nothing about what was good/not so good for that price.

The laptop will be used for games as well as work. Would like it to be able to run things like League of Legends and World of Warcraft on good settings with no problems.

I'm currently looking at either an optimus III from Pcspecialist with an upgraded processor and RAM ( or a Dell Inspiron 17R (

Since this is a big purchase for me I don't want to make the wrong one and so would appreciate any advice or recommendations that you could give me.

  Nontek 15:37 15 Jun 2012

I recommend the i5 24560M - 4Gb - 500Gb - Win7 pre-installed, No Bloatware guaranteed. from Novatech.

Price £660

I recently bought this laptop to replace an ancient Desktop. Runs FSX Deluxe on all Full Settings, and IMHO is brilliant.

I also added another 4Gb RAM from Crucial for £17.99 delivered free.

  spuds 16:48 15 Jun 2012

This questions comes up quite a lot within the forum, so perhaps a look in the forum archives might bring some varied and interesting results for possible consideration?.

Novatech, PC Specialist seem to get good recommendations, as well as a few other known names.

  Nontek 17:14 15 Jun 2012

Oops, just noticed a typo in my post above - 24560M, should read 2450M.

  frybluff 20:50 15 Jun 2012

Would note that if you spec the one from PC Specialist, with decent chip, and hard drive, for gaming, you are talking about £750.

The Dell is a decent laptop, if a bit of a "lump" to carry around, but not quite as good, from gaming point of view. Dell have a better reputation, from a support point of view.

Novatech are certainly worth a look. They are very helpful with pre-sales advice, and after sales also good.

Do remember to allow for an external hard drive, at least 500GB, to back up all that course work (around £70/£80).

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