Need help with choosing the right PC for gaming

  solfreak 08:32 07 Jul 2008


I was wondering could someone experienced evaluate the custom PC I made on
the site:

My main concern is that I want to use 24" Iiyama LCD screen (ProLite
B2403WS-1) with native resolution of 1920x1200 and I'm not sure if the
PC I'm about to buy will be enough to keep the relatively high frame rate
in new and future games on medium/high graphical settings (my main interest
is Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 and Warhammer Online)

If I needed that PC just for games I'd go for 22" or smaller screen but
since I'm a huge movie fan I want to enjoy the full HD quality (that's
why I'm picking the 24" Iiyama).

So will this PC be enough or should I invest more?

Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™2 Duo E4700 (2 X 2.60GHz) 800MHz FSB/2MB L2 Cache


Motherboard ASUS® P5K: DDR2, SATAII, 2 xPCI-e x16, 3 PCI, PCI-e x1

Operating System Genuine Windows XP™ Home + SP3, CD & Licence (£49)

Memory - 1st Hard Disk 500GB SERIAL ATA II HARD DRIVE WITH 8MB CACHE (7,200rpm)

1st CD/DVD Drive 6x BLU-RAY ROM & HD-DVD ROM Drive, 16x DVD ±R/±RW (£75)

Graphics Card 512MB GEFORCE 8800GT PCI Express + DVI + TV-OUT

P.S. Oh and I guess 450W power supply won't be enough for it. Right?

P.P.S. I apologize for my English but it's not my first language.

  solfreak 08:35 07 Jul 2008

Ah no "edit" option?

I forgot to state my budget :

this PC will cost 658 inc VAT and Delivery + 250 for the LCD screen.

So I can spend up to 1000 on the main unit + screen.

  GaT7 11:28 07 Jul 2008

How much are you going to be paying for the Iiyama B2403WS-1 may I ask?

For £1000 you're likely to get a lot more for your money - including a better CPU & 1Gb dual-core graphics card, which will handle high resolution gaming.

Check out Chillblast click here, where you can customise systems to suit your needs]. Better company than PCSpecialist in my opinion. G

  LANDCRUISER 13:00 07 Jul 2008

have a look at commodore pc they make pc only for gamers & have a great cooling system so you dont loose performance,i have one

  [email protected] 13:53 07 Jul 2008

Firstly I would recommend getting a system that has the new ATI Radeon 4870 graphics card in it. It costs £180 click here and is very good value for money click here.

I would try and get a better CPU too. One from the E8xxx range would be more appropriate for your needs such as the E8400.

RAM is quite cheap these days so I would consider putting 4GB in (although Windows will only see around 3.5GB)

  solfreak 21:34 07 Jul 2008

Thank you all for the help.

At first I thought buying PC this days would be
easier than it used to be when I bought one in 1995
but I guess I'll have to do some major research
before I finally decide what components I want in
my PC.

  GaT7 22:17 07 Jul 2008

"At first I thought buying PC this days would be
easier than it used to be when I bought one in 1995"

TOO much choice these days ;-). G

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