Need help choosing a graphics card

  timofthec 14:21 09 Aug 2014


New to the forum and looking for some Guidance on getting a new graphics card for my PC.

The specs are: ASRock Z77 Pro4-M MOBO; Intel i5 3.40ghz CPU (quad); 8 GB of Ram; 600w psu and a GeForce GT640 graphics card.

The card was the best I could afford at the time but really is now proving to be quite inadequate and most games I play atm have to have the graphic settings set to low to be able to play them.

I have therefore been trawling the net looking for a better alternative and to be honest it is quite bewildering!!

I want a better card for gaming but will never be able to stretch to a top end card so I'm looking at the mid range cards and the one that seems to be the best option for me is an Nvidia MSI GTX 760; 4GB GDDR5; PCI-E for £208.

My question is - is that card much of an improvement on the GT640 AND is there another card that can give me a better performance for a similar price?

I've only looked at Nvidia cards as that is what I always used because I find the driver update process easy to understand but not averse to getting a radion if one is recommended.

Any advice/recomendations appeciated.



  Mr Mistoffelees 15:11 09 Aug 2014

A GTX 760 would be a considerable improvement on a 640. What display resolution are you using? If no higher than 1920x1080, save some money by buying a 2GB version, the diference in performance is tiny and you only really need the extra video ram if you are running at 2560x1440 or higher.

  timofthec 15:35 09 Aug 2014

Hi Mr Mistoffelees - thanks for the reply.

I use a samsung 24" HDTV as a moniter and the natural resolution is 1920 x 1080 so you advice is much appreciated.

I went for the 4gb version of the card as I thought it would be quicker (double the ram = more speed)but if not, the 2gb will do.

Thanks again :-)


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