Need help and advice on the best desktop package around £450

  DebWinchester 18:09 09 Aug 2014

I have around £450 to spend on a desktop package for my 13 year old son. Needs to include monitor, keyboard etc. He is a serious gamer so needs to be able to satisfy his addiction!! also fairly fool proof and easy to put together. Will also be used for Internet surfing and homework projects (Hopefully!!) Any advice would be greatly appreciated..Thank you all in advance ;)

  john bunyan 18:40 09 Aug 2014

I think high end games would be an issue, but I am no gamer. For a start I would look at Novatech (Not that far from Winchester). They sell with no OS so you have to budget for W7 or 8. Also I would certainly want at least one back up USD HD (about £60)


  john bunyan 18:41 09 Aug 2014

USD = USB - sorry.

  rdave13 18:52 09 Aug 2014

For £450 with monitor, keyboard and mouse I don't think you will find any suitable for gaming. I'm sure that is the most important usage (now) for your son.

Starter gaming desktop only (but including a choice of operating systems) from Chillblast is this one, Chillblast link) £450 but without monitor, keyboard and mouse. As it's also just a basic gaming system it should run newer games at a lower frame rate. That's the best I could find but please wait for gamers on this site that could advise you how good/ bad a system it will be for games.

  DebWinchester 18:53 09 Aug 2014

Thanks for your reply John..but what is OS? probably not high end games as he's only 13, but generally good speed and grphics..I think..

  john bunyan 19:31 09 Aug 2014


OS = Operating System. I much prefer Windows 7 to Windows 8 that is mostly supplied with new PC's. Novatech and a few others let you buy(and pay for) the OS of your choice. Gamers here may comment. Maybe worth a chat with Chillblast or Novatech to see if they could offer a budget PC with the potential to uprate if your son saves his pocket money..

With his age do think of back up and, particularly, anti virus etc. My 19 year old grand daughter (Uni undergrad on course for a first) is, like most teenagers, very lax in this area - downloading programmes with spyware inadvertently, Facebook risks etc. Good luck, he will be delighted I am sure.

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