Need a hardrive for my DELL LATITUDE E6420

  MSmall1997 14:57 16 Jul 2014

What hardrive should I buy (SSD or SATA?) And also where can i find hardrives specific for this model of laptop? Also how could i move my operating system(Windows 7) from one hardrive to another? click here that work in my system?


  alanrwood 16:46 16 Jul 2014

You are under a misaprehension I think.

SSD stands for Solid State Drive and is drive which uses non moving memory instead of rotating disks

SATA (Serial ATA) is a method of connection for a Hard drive or SSD. The older method was IDE or actually PATA which used a 40 pin connector. Sata is a newer standard which uses a much smaller cable with around 16 contacts.

Most SSDs nowadays are SATA but bthere are 3 speeds, SAT1,SATA2 and SATA3 connecting at 1.5, 3 and 65Gb/s respectively although they are backwards compatible.

Drives are3 not specific to any one model of computer however on a Laptop you will probably need a 2.5 inch drive. The only point to watch is the drive height as some Laptops will only accept 7.5mm and some newer drives are 9mm.

If the page you link to is listing your Dell model then the drive you have linked to is SATA2 non SSD and is 9.5 mm high so any drive which is SATA2 or 3 will work. The spec is here:-

click here your current installation onto the new drive depends on whether you were provided with the Windows Install Disks at purchase or if you can produce them on your computer. Most have the facility to produce recovery disks. These will give you a clean install to when the laptop was new so save any date you need first on an external disk or access it from the current drive after removal by using a drive caddy.


  Mr Mistoffelees 10:28 18 Jul 2014

Further to the above, don't buy from the seller you linked on Amazon, they don't even tell you what you what they will send you.

Plenty of much better offers here, also from Amazon and you will know what you are getting.

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