Need a day/week/month of work...

  powerless 22:56 10 Aug 2003

...and have the perfect excuse?

Then click here ! (Click SickNote Pro)

"Dear powerless's Manager,

Please excuse powerless from work this morning, as he has a doctor's appointment. Since contracting sick building syndrome, he requires constant medical check-ups to ensure that he doesn't relapse, or something.

When powerless returns, it would be advisable to keep stress, and work levels, to a minimum where possible. In cases such as these, it is often also beneficial for the sufferer to play PS2 games for at least half of the day.

Many thanks for your cooperation, etc etc

Dr Corbusier (MSc)"

It can't fail!

  Nellie2 23:11 10 Aug 2003

Where can I get one of these then???

  Djohn 23:15 10 Aug 2003


  jospar 17:33 11 Aug 2003

I think that some of my work colleagues have all ready beaten me too it!

But the two best ones that I've incontered are;

Many years ago my friend, who had one hell of a hang over, actually rang in sick explaining that he had alcohol pisoning, and actually got away with it!

But the best one, which left me and all my work colleagues completely gob smack,

We are all sat in the duty office for hand-over, as someone makes a comment about so and so being late yet again, the phone rings. We all can see this bemused look on our supervisor face, who while asking the caller to repeat what they had just said. Puts the phone loudspeaker on for all of us to hear!

But I bet you can't guess all what was said, yes it was the late colleague phoning in. Not sick as such, her explination/reason for not being able to atend work that day was, that she couldn't make it to work because she was having sex with her boyfriend!!!! Needless to she didn't stay working with us for long.

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