Need to buy new Vaio Tower can you please help

  joostin 08:59 21 Jun 2007

Hi kind friends of the forum.Can you please advise me of which Sony Viao to now buy after my last one of 3 years went bang in a storm on Monday.
I know many dont like Sony but i loved my Vaio so would like to get latest verion all singing all dancing if i can as have 192 LCD so it will all be Sony.
Thank you guys look forward to your advice be great to have links of where to buy to if possible
J .

  €dstowe 09:26 21 Jun 2007

If you insist on a Sony machine the best thing to do is go to a Sony Centre where they should be able to advise on the best machines - and demonstrate them as well.

You don't have to buy from there, decide on the one you like best and then buy from wherever you wish.

  €dstowe 09:26 21 Jun 2007

N.B. Have you checked your insurance policies to see if you're covered for lightning damage?

  €dstowe 10:19 21 Jun 2007

Just seen your other thread and that you can claim on insurance - good!!!!!

Can I recommend once you get going again that as well as keeping your files on a separate drive that you also keep a full backup of your system. May not be a lot of help in the disaster you've just experienced but there are lots of other downfalls waiting to catch us out all the time and having an image of your setup can help enormously. Please do this and keep it up to date.

  Eazy T 14:06 21 Jun 2007


I'm just about to buy a new pc and intend much better housekeeping than I have done in the past, although I have now started backing up photos & music to an external HDD. How do you save an image of your setup?

Apologies for ever so slightly hi-jacking this thread.

  Kate B 14:15 21 Jun 2007

joostin, does it have to be a Vaio? You'll get much better value for money elsewhere. Why don't you tell us what your budget is and what you want the machine for and we'll try and help you find something suitable.

  Kate B 14:15 21 Jun 2007

oh, and it might just the the PSU that went bang, which should be easy to replace.

  €dstowe 15:18 21 Jun 2007

Kate, joostin has another thread which indicates more than a blown PSU.

Eazy T - do a search in the archives of this forum. You will find loads of information on backing up - quite a lot of it from me. Look at using a program like Acronis for doing your backups. click here

  wee eddie 16:04 21 Jun 2007

click here(xcm=PCM_b2ccrmstandard&carea=3E99541A304E7370E10000002BC29B8F&citem=)/.do

It seems to be the first port of call

  wee eddie 16:06 21 Jun 2007

Just Google Sony Vaio

  joostin 11:33 22 Jun 2007

Thanks again for your kind words and offers on here brilliant.Found my reciepts for my blown Vaio and in a fit of stupidity..or maybe not paid for 5 year cover 3 years ago thro p.c world so i hot footed it there last night and tower is now in Doc .If i have paid nearly £400 for cover i may as well have a blast on getting it repaired first before i look around as i rang sony yest and the towers are now very few and far between so at least its worth a try.Waiting for the diagnosis phone call now.

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