Need a better spam killer

  Jon Storm 11:23 30 Dec 2004

I'm looking for an anti-spam program that doesn't require (spit) Outlook, lets you add your own filters, and has a built-in "Report to ISP" feature. At the moment I'm using McAfee's Spamkiller 5, which I quite like despite some dubious design features, but I need to sack McAfee. (I'm fed up with my browser, and sometimes my whole PC, being hijacked by rogue ActiveX controls, which I would have switched off except that Mcafee's so-called Security Center won't work without them, and is compulsory with all McAfee security programs. SpamKiller was better before McAfee bought it up and "improved" it).

I've seen a couple of products that might suit advertised, "AntiSpamWare 2.0" and "SpamEater Pro" - does anyone know anything about them? Or does MailWasher Pro have the features I'm looking for?

BTW, I saw the "Spam slammers" piece in the December issue of the magazine, but it didn't help. More than half the products were for Outlook only, there was very little detail about features in each product, and only commercial products were considered. Very disappointing, not up to the usual PCA standard.

  igk 20:18 31 Dec 2004

I use "Mailwasher" at click here
I tried the free version for a week and was so pleased with it that I purchased the "Pro" version it has everything that you have asked about.Hope this helps.

  Jon Storm 11:03 01 Jan 2005

Thanks IGK, I'll give it a try.

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