Need advice on a PC purchase

  bigadjaye 10:55 06 Dec 2003

I have been offered the following PC for £400. I was hoping people could tell me if it's a good deal or not?

Ok the spec:

Athlon XP 2500+ 333Mhz Barton
17" Monitor
150GB HD - 30GB & 120GB
512MB 333Mhz Memory (PC2700)
Video Card - Sapphire 9100 with DVI & Video In/Out
CD-RW x24x40x10
Sound Blaster Audigy (24bit/96khz) firewire connectivity
4 x USB 2.0

Waddya think!?

  Sir Radfordin 12:56 06 Dec 2003

Any software? You at least want to be getting XP as the OS there.

It is a fairly high spec machine, and may well be worth £400 but only if you need a machine that high spec. You could find something for less if you are just doing a bit of Word, Excel and watching the odd DVD.

You don't say anything about Modem/Network connectivity or getting a mouse, keyboard and speakers which if you don't already have quickly add cost!

  bigadjaye 13:30 06 Dec 2003

Thanks for replying.
It comes with mouse and keyboard and it has a network card. Not sure about modem, i'll have to find out. It has Windows XP OS. It doesn't come with speakers but I have some anyway.
Worth the £400?

  Forum Editor 14:05 06 Dec 2003

it's worth the money. I'll be astonished if it doesn't have a modem, but even if it doesn't it still represents good value, provided everything is working well, and that you get the WinXP CD, or manufacturer's recovery CD.

  Sir Radfordin 14:10 06 Dec 2003

Agree with the FE there, worth the money.

  bigadjaye 14:15 06 Dec 2003

Thanks guys, I think I'll make the purchase

  tigerb 16:50 06 Dec 2003

Having missed out on a medion from aldi, i have looked at a simalar speced medion pc from pc world but £100 cheaper, is this the same one or should i wait until Aldi get another delivery of there more expensive version?

  Indigo 1 22:25 06 Dec 2003

Sounds like a real bargain to me, where can I get one ?

  shifty 18:19 07 Dec 2003

If you don't buy it I'm sure there will be a few in the que behind you who do.

  Gaz 25 23:37 08 Dec 2003

Just ensure the PC has reliable brand name parts.

Most cheap PC's offer only unbranded or unknown makes, which offer poor level of performace and reliability.

  bigadjaye 23:39 08 Dec 2003

That's a good point, thanks.

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