Need advice on buying new laptop and printer

  Bruja 18:17 11 Nov 2014

Hi....I am having to buy a new laptop and printer, but need to know which would be the best. I have an iPad, so would like all 3 items to work together. I don't particularly need a large laptop (less than a 14" screen would be good). I hope someone can give me some good advice. Thank you. Trish.

  Woolwell 19:16 11 Nov 2014

Difficult to advise without knowing your budget. Most modern wifi enabled printers will have an app that will allow you to print from your iPad. With Windows you can share via iTunes and iCloud between the laptop and iPad for complete ease of working together you may want to consider a Mac.

  Bruja 12:10 12 Nov 2014

Thanks budget is not great so roughly about 350 for laptop! Ty....

  john bunyan 15:05 12 Nov 2014

Have a look at the John Lewis Website; they give a 2 year warranty. There is a HP 3i there for £349, for example. More choice if you go to a bit more. I like Toshiba for laptops. Do check what you want - eg DVD built in ,etc.

John Lewis

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