need advice about wireless working

  terminalfailure 16:13 02 Aug 2004

Can any of you techies out there help me out.

I am seriously thinking about purchasing this technology as I am going to be on the road a bit in UK and abroad but I find that I really can not find all the info I would like.

I am led to understand that I need a ground station ie airport,hotel etc but someone said to me that there was a system that was linked to mobile phone technology which meant that if you could get a mobile signal you could use the laptop. I have seen nothing on this.

The second point is what or whose software do I need to link up with IE6 or an ISP and does anyone know the costs involved.

Any assistance for an old out of date retired techie would be appreciated.

  TomJerry 16:45 02 Aug 2004

using 3G (or 2.5G) technology, most mobile provides (e.g. orange and vodaphone) provide this service, charge is normally based on data traffic, but fixed charge also possible which is around £100 a month.

  Magik ®© 17:45 02 Aug 2004

If you have either a infrared mobile or a data link, you can just use the mobile, ok for getting emails and the like, but it might cost a bit to surf around, I use my motorola timeport and the infrared part of it, with BT they give you another number to it just dials out on the laptop as if you were at home....

  TomJerry 19:34 02 Aug 2004
  terminalfailure 06:37 04 Aug 2004

Thanks Guys I'm getting there help appreciated

  PUNKA 10:15 04 Aug 2004

Various places now have hotspots where you can access the web even our local petrol station has one !! just look for wireless hotspot available signs pay the fee and log on it might even be cheaper than using your mobile but I do not have much knowledge of that, lol.

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