need advice

  apollogeemark 02:22 07 Jan 2003
  apollogeemark 02:22 07 Jan 2003

I bought a item from computerworld,not one of thier computers, a printer made by HP.

Anyway it is faulty,only had it 4 months,took it back and was told i had to send it to manufacture.

said i didnt want that you sold it so please either replace or give another type or even credit note.

reply no only choice you have is return it to manufacture.

So his he right or can i insist on one of the above options.

Many thanks

  Pilch.... 02:27 07 Jan 2003

I think the law is that the seller of teh goods must deal with the problem not manufacturer...

so you are in your rights i think....

wait till morning, then people will say if i am right or not!

  simonp1 08:05 07 Jan 2003

I read an article in PC adviser, i recall (but i could be wrong), your contract is with PC world not the manufacturer, remind them of this. I also belive your rights are to exchange, repair or refund under the buyers and sellers act. You can always call trading standards, very helpful.

  hoverman 08:33 07 Jan 2003

I too go along with the fact that your contract was with the retailer - not the manufacturer. Give them one more chance and then consult Trading Standards if they won't budge.

  BRYNIT 09:43 07 Jan 2003

The warrentee on a printer is the same as a TV,video,washer etc they have a right to repair first if you deem to have accepted the goods. (If the printer dad failed within 30 days you could have asked for a new one.
Even though you bought the printer from PCworld they do not have the facility to repair, it would take twice as long for pc world to send printer back for repair and then contact you for it to be collected. HP have a service department who you contact. they will go through a check to find out what is wrong as it maybe the ink cartidge or the drivers at fault. if the problem cannot be rectified it will be exchange direct with yourself.

  BRYNIT 09:45 07 Jan 2003

where did dad come from

  spuds 21:01 07 Jan 2003

You do not have to send it back to the manufacturers. If the machine as a positive fault, then it is the responsibility of the seller, in your case Computerworld.As you have not stated what is the fault,then perhaps a simple phone call to the HP helpdesk will solve your problem.Should you wish to pursue the matter with ComputerWorld, and you are getting no customer care from store which you purchased the printer from, then I would suggest that you contact the PCA link [email protected] stating all details including your invoice/documentation particulars. Chris is usually very reliable in obtaining prompt answers, to questions similar to those that you have.

  Andÿ 21:38 07 Jan 2003

While I agree that your contract is with Computerworld and they should deal with it try not to be tooo stubborn and way up all the options.

My mother purchased a Lexmark combined printer/scanner and it started chewing paper, she was told by the retailer to contact Lexmark.

I would have told her to let the retailer deal with it but as I was not there she phoned Lexmark. The Tech on the phone asked her to press a couple of buttons (her words) and tell him what happened, he then agreed the printer/scanner was faulty and said they would collect and replace (with a new boxed one) the combo at aprox 8:30 the next AM and they did. The nice tech also phoned her back to remind her to remove her ink cartridges.

While it is the retailers responsibility use your judgment and do what is best for you.

  apollogeemark 00:29 08 Jan 2003

Thanks to all

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