NEC-Mitsubishi after sales

  [DELETED] 18:41 02 Dec 2003

Have recently (last week) bought a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930sb.

Took delivery on Wednesday, spend a day setting it up to my own requirements.

At the weekend I sent an e-mail to NEC-Mitsubishi via their website querying a small point on my monitor - just a query, not a complaint.

Lo, and behold, on Tuesday (today) I received a phone call from NEC-Mitsubishi and a lady asked me for my name, and then asked for the serial number of my monitor.

Puzzled I asked her why, as I had only sent a query about it. She said that they had decided that it had a fault and were going to replace it with a new one.

The only problem was that they only had it in black and I need a white one. No problem, she said, use the one I have got and I would be put on the list for a new one as soon as they become available and they would phone and arrange a suitable delivery time.

I have read about some good service on this forum, but to be told that a company is replacing your monitor and you didn't even know that there was anything wrong with it, is service with a difference.

If this is NEC-Mitsubishi after sales service it is better than good, it is brilliant!

  [DELETED] 22:46 02 Dec 2003

Nice to hear good news!

It sounds pretty stunning service.

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