NEC 2510A Firmware needed?

  Ticketyboo 11:14 03 Sep 2004

I have just installed the DVD R/W and nedd to know where I can get the firmware from, can anyone let me know please? Many thanks.

  Stuartli 16:08 03 Sep 2004

Why do you need firmware?

You are probably thinking of a driver (the standard Windows CDROM driver is all that is required and installs automatically) or burning software such as Nero.

If a particular version of Nero doesn't recognise a particular drive, then you need to download the latest version of the software from the Nero website.

However, if there is a particular reason for firmware (perhaps for a quicker burn speed) then try:

click here

click here

click here

click here

whilst remembering that if the firmware update goes pearshaped you'll probably find the rewriter is fit only for the dustbin.

  siouxah1 16:16 03 Sep 2004


I purchased the NEC2510A from DABS being fully aware that it was OEM.

The NEC site quotes it is unable to supply firmware for OEM drives in respect of dual layer discs. However there is firmware updates to enable the drive to recognise other discs if it is not OEM.

SVP have dual layer but most are not suitable for this drive and the 3500.

The drive appears to support Verbatim discs but little else.

If your drive is OEM then you may have problems obtaining firmware update.

Regards Brian j

  chugby 20:55 03 Sep 2004
  sicknote 22:24 03 Sep 2004
  sicknote 22:32 03 Sep 2004
  Sans le Sou 23:02 03 Sep 2004

Have you contacted NEC only what they call OEM may not be what we call OEM. I had this issue with my NEC1100, on asking NEC said that they rebadge some models and that is what they class as OEM, although my drive came with a system and was OEM the firmware upgrades worked OK to 1.0A which is for retail only as NEC see it. This may not apply of course in this instance but may be worth an e-mail, be sure to include the serial number. There has always been much confusion with NEC firmware upgrades.

  Ticketyboo 06:45 04 Sep 2004

Jumping the gun again, booted and as you said (STUARTLI) the drive installed straight away and is working fine so far.
Many thanks for all the help, those links will ALL come in handy, thanks everyone!

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