Nearly caught by Spoof Ebay website

  georgemac 11:36 01 Oct 2004

Earlier this week I received an email, supposed to be from Ebay, and looked very genuine, saying that unless I updated my credit card details I would be suspended. I thought this was strange, but clicked on the link and it took me to a site that looked like ebay, but the address in the address window did not look quite right.

Anyway, I logged into ebay normally via the click here page, checked the card details (which were OK) but updated them anyway. Thought no more about it, until last night when I got the same email again.

Anyway, forwarded the email to Ebay and started to read a bit about security. Ebay now have a downloadable toolbar which attaches itself to IE and warns you if you are on a dodgy site. I installed this and went back to the site linked from the email and it warned me right away.

My email account is quite new, I don't get spam on it so the criminals must have got my address somehow from ebay, maybe by asking me a question or something on an item for sale.

So ebay users, never alter your card details unless you log in normally through www. ebay . and the my ebay page. The toolbar is also a good idea to protect you, although it does not seem to work with avant browser, so I plan to uninstall this and try mozilla for a while.

  hkvic 13:18 01 Oct 2004

I would recommend Mozilla Firefox - they have a 'Spoof stick' extension available which will warn you when you enter a 'Spoof' site.

  pj123 14:20 01 Oct 2004

I get spoof ebay emails all the time and I don't have an account with ebay. I just forward them to [email protected] and then delete them. I always get a response from ebay saying they are not from them and they are investigating the source. But, I never hear anymore. So, what does ebay do when they find the source?. If they get that one closed down they just start again with a new address. I have actually emailed ebay and asked what happens with their investigations but I never get a reply. Maybe because I haven't got an account with them.

  Sparrowhawk 15:02 01 Oct 2004

Interesting. Thanks.

URL for this EBAY Anti-Spoof toolbar?


  Sparrowhawk 15:06 01 Oct 2004



click here

  georgemac 15:10 01 Oct 2004

click here for internet explorer - I think this is it - cannot find the page I found last night - if this is the correct one it will have account gaurd on the left hand side.

the mozilla one mentioned above I found in the most popular picks on the mozilla extras.

  georgemac 15:17 01 Oct 2004

click here spoof page number 1 from the link and spoof page number 2 click here

very slow to load compared to last night but still running, but you can see the fake attempt to show you are on a secure site!

  preston 15:50 01 Oct 2004

if you dont want to get caught, dont answer those emails. any legitimate site wouldnt be sending you an email to update your details.

  prima12 12:26 03 Oct 2004

For 'My Postings'

  .d 11:56 08 Jan 2005

thank god for PCA i received one of those e-mails today thought it looked dodgy , came here to find out more and was right , i have sent it to ebay, thanks again all .

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