Natosoft Security Center 2014

  rdave13 20:53 18 Jul 2014

This looks suspiciously like a break away team from Avast!. Unfortunately seems the only download possible is from C|Net and I'm not partial to download from that site. It also appears to be free so is a bit tempting.

This link shows the layout of the program. Familiar isn't it. DO NOT click on the download orangish coloured link. Not healthy.

There is a direct download link here, blue text but be warned that the installer might still need careful scrutiny.

I'm tempted to remove Avast! on my old laptop and try this out sometime.

Not sure though. Worth while ifo though.

  Woolwell 22:15 18 Jul 2014

I would be very wary of it. It obviously has no relation to NATO armed forces. The address given is just Dublin, Ireland but their website is .tk which is Tokelau administered by New Zealand. Free live TV, free music on offer? It all sounds to good to be true.

  Woolwell 22:19 18 Jul 2014

Actually it is a free Dot TK domain name. Dot Tk are base in Holland but anyone can register a domain name with them.

  Woolwell 22:27 18 Jul 2014

They or rather he (Thomas Behan) also seem to be reviewing their own software on cnet. Seems like a one man band with a write up on Facebook by Sue Behan!

  bellisimo 23:43 18 Jul 2014

It's also available on ZDNet. I just received notice of it by email from Downloads Digest. I'd like to try it, but only if it becomes available on more reputable websites like Bleeping Computer.

  Woolwell 12:00 19 Jul 2014

There is no address, telephone number or any hint of support. The first review of the product is by Natosoft! I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.

  rdave13 13:17 19 Jul 2014

Woolwell that's why I might play around with it on an old laptop, not my main PC. It certainly looks like a one man band product.

Jock1e that's what I usually do with the OS, play around with it, and sometimes break it lol.

Thanks for all replies.

  ThomasBehan 03:00 20 Jul 2014

Hi all im Thomas Behan the Owner of Natosoft, we would like to say thanks for pointing out some of your concerns about our software and we are very sorry for the likness of out ui to the avast ui, We have began work on redisigning natosoft security center imediatly, if anyone has any suggestions for what they would like let us know.

Regards, Thomas Behan

  rdave13 18:31 20 Jul 2014

ThomasBehan thanks for replying to the thread. Ok, used the link in ZDNet, which went to C|Net for downloading the installer. No PUPs with it which was good.

My specs on the old laptop are pretty dire, 1.7 GHz single core CPU, two gig ram (don't laugh please). Two complaints so far, Windows security centre doesn't recognize it even after a reboot. As my PC is on the weak side it takes forever to do a full scan so decided to stop the scan for now. Couldn't do it as there seem to be no way of cancelling or stopping a scan. Had to reboot to do it.

Now here's a strange one. Running a scan on the scan page, CPU usage is around 100%, if I click on the Status icon and go to the Status page the CPU usage drops to between 20 and 40%? I can still see it scanning on the bottom bar. Could be the graphics and the list of scanned files showing that my CPU isn't coping very well lol.

Sometimes get a (not responding) for a few seconds while scanning.

One other thing I might mention is blue text on black background works great for me, the red digits on black background doesn't but that could be my eyesight.

Will be off-line for four days as on 12hr shifts so won't be able to check out the program more until after. Hope you don't mind my criticisms.

  rdave13 18:33 20 Jul 2014

P.S. OS is Win 8.1 32-bit.

  ThomasBehan 20:15 20 Jul 2014

Hi Dave, Thanks for your Criticism, We are aware of the CPU usage Problem, it is a graphics problem in the next Program update this will be fixed and scanning time will be reduced to about 10 minutes on even bad systems like yours, We are also working on getting Windows Security Center Approval but this process can take time hopefully this will be fixed in the next version, the Next program version of Natosoft Security Center 2014 will be available from the 26th of July onwards and of course it will automatically update for older versions. We would also like to invite everyone to our online event on the 8th of August, more info about this will be available on our site, We are holding this event to Show everyone our software is Safe and just great to use so no harm in checking it out,

Bye for now, Thomas

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