NAS, router and media extender purchase advice

  BaboonBoy22 16:46 29 Oct 2012

Hello all, I have a rather large DVD collection (around 1000) and am looking to shove them on to storage and stream to an HDTV (maybe more than one). I've been looking at the WD My Book Live Duo 6TB but have come across some reviews of it being slow. So firstly can anyone recommend an alternative at a similar price of £350? Next, I'm confused with all the different types of router, am I right in thinking that any "N"/"N+" router will be capable of streaming 1080p content? And lastly, media extenders. Apple TV can't read VOB files but I have iphones and ipads so the mirroring would be nice. Is there a way around the VOB issue without having to jailbreak it? The only other decent extender I've seen is the Boxee. I don't suppose this would mirror iOS devices (probably not I know). But I know this reads a much larger array of files and can access more online content such as BBC iplayer etc. I have the big 30 coming up, so I've got some guilt free spending to do ;)

  BaboonBoy22 11:27 02 Nov 2012

Someone must have knowledge of this lot. Thought NAS' were all the rage these days lol

  BaboonBoy22 17:06 05 Nov 2012

Could anyone recommend a smart blu ray player that can connect to a NAS as well?

  thuba 03:18 06 Nov 2012

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