Adz1310 18:28 07 Oct 2005

Hi guys,
My uncle is thinking to going on Napster. It says it is 100%safe and legal. is this correct? I cant understand how it can be legal and safe as it is still a p2p isnt it? People will still be allowed to go into your computer wont they? so how can it be 100% safe? His friend told him there is a rumour that the big music companies are employing people to write virus to get into your computer and totally mess it up as it saves going through the courts. Not to sure how true that is but is meant to be!!!! He also said about bit torrent, but im sure that is p2p as well. His friend also suggested that newsgroups are the safest thing to get music off but I aint to sure. If you are downloaded anything there surely has to be some risk in it! Anyway would be good to hear your views!

  Kate B 18:48 07 Oct 2005

Napster used to be p2p but it's gone legit now. Personally I don't like the business model - I prefer buying CDs.

  Forum Editor 18:59 07 Oct 2005

but - rather like Kate B, although for a different reason - I don't like the business model. I prefer iTuner myself, but it's a personal thing.

  Adz1310 19:23 07 Oct 2005

sorry for being maybe stupid but what is a business model??

  Adz1310 19:27 07 Oct 2005

and I have IPOD photo so does that mean if I wanted to download music I would have to go through ITUNES>>>?????

  [email protected] 20:13 07 Oct 2005

Unfortunatly yes.

Napster is no longer a P2P service so it pretty much is 100% safe. The songs come from it's own server

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