napoleon total war

  BREEN 14:21 04 Jun 2010

Bought a copy of Napoleon Total War from and dicided to purchased 2 dlc from for 7.99 by download

The dlc did not download to my computer and after numerous emails I asked for my money back but they have refused to do this

I have tried phoneing both and Sega but just get the run around.Is there no controls on these companies Ipaid by visa debit

  Forum Editor 08:09 05 Jun 2010

to your download source.

  BREEN 16:46 05 Jun 2010


  BREEN 16:26 08 Jun 2010

Since making my post.I have just recieved an email from steam it appears their elbow does not know whhat the hand is doing .They have taken my money for the dlc but they have not released the content They have promised to make this clear on there store site

  birdface 18:02 08 Jun 2010

First check in Google and has a red warning not to go into that site.
So if you downloaded anything from it maybe give your security programs a run.
Not sure what happens when you give bank details on a site.

  Forum Editor 18:09 08 Jun 2010

to the download page you refer to.

I don't want the words '' I need the full link.

  birdface 18:15 08 Jun 2010

Maybe copy and paste the site on here.
So far two different sites with
2nd one has not got a security clearance from WOT so must be a new site.
Are you getting mixed up with Steam or something like that.

  birdface 18:16 08 Jun 2010

Oops sorry FE did not know you were still about so will leave you with it.

  BREEN 11:49 23 Jan 2011

I purchased a game from Steam called Commander CONQUEST OF THE AMERICAs from steam games on the net.

The game loads ok but the mouse cursor takes on a life of its move erratically round the screen I have tried adjutting mouse setting without any improvement I use a usb mouse which works fine with my other games.Help or Advice

  gengiscant 13:07 23 Jan 2011

That is not a full url. Go to the site, then click on your address bar,it will turn blue,then copy and paste here.

  jakimo 16:34 24 Jan 2011

For the definition of a url
click here

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