Names of things accessing the Internet

  slimpickins 12:13 31 Jul 2003

I'm fed up with more than just Tiscali discs, I'm also annoyed by not knowing what application is trying to access the Internet generates a firewall request. Why don't the makers of the programs do one or all of the following:

Give the programs an easily recognised name.

Warn you when you install them that such and such an app. will access the Internet.

Put an entry in their help file explaining this and why it needs to.

Usually it's a program that has just been installed but you often have no idea why it's doing it or what information it will send and receive but at least you are half expecting it. More annoying are programs that download an update that generates a new request without warning (NIS has just done this).

OK, rant over!

PS I know it is possible to find out the identity of most these requests but why should we have to the trouble when it would be so easy to do one of the above things?

  -pops- 12:40 31 Jul 2003

No programs in my machines access the Internet without my express permission. It is very rare that I give that permission.

I use Outpost firewall which tells me when something is trying to access the Internet and when it does I have the choices of allowing it free access, allowing once only access or never any access. Only in the allowing once only access does the request come up again. I am not then bothered by these things. If it has an unrecognisable name, it most certainly doesn't get access.

  slimpickins 12:47 31 Jul 2003

In that case you are denying legitimate requests and this reinforces my point. Some people are not fully benefitting from programs or allowing them to update properly because the nature of the request is not explicit.

  Jester2K II 13:47 31 Jul 2003
  -pops- 14:39 31 Jul 2003

If I don't know what it is, it doesn't get through. Simple as that.

My virus update and one or two other important things have automatic access (full permission on my firewall). Anything else has to have a very good reason to want to phone home. More often than not, I don't consider the reason good enough so it gets blocked. The things I'm thinking about which come to mind straight away are Realplayer, Quicktime, WMP and quite a few others.

Windows update has trashed my machine more than once so any updates for that are considered very carefully before, or if, downloading.

  slimpickins 15:23 31 Jul 2003

Thanks for the excellent link but like pops post it reiterates my point. How often do we end up blobking things we don't have time or the inclination to find out what they are? Making it obvious what a program would be easy and should be done, afterall the whole point of computers is convenience.

  canard 18:54 31 Jul 2003

Installed Real Player and THOUGHT I'd checked/unchecked properly to stop all the spyware.It constantly reported back home or whatever it does whilst gobbling memory and bandwidth.
Uninstalled the brute- didn't stop it. Eliminated all traces and it was STILL at it, tho not so much.Blocking with Sygate made little if any difference.
Blessedly today BB have changed my IP address [same since Nov and I thought they did it weekly or monthly]and SOMETHING is knocking on the old BB door which refuses to open as BB have blocked the old IP add/no. Hooray!

  powerless 19:47 31 Jul 2003

Hey -pops- the Fe uses OP, right? ;-)))

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