N class routers

  sneaky4343 10:40 20 Dec 2011

I am currently waiting for an N class router to arrive and just wanted to ask does xbox 360 and windows vista laptops work with an N class router

  Woolwell 11:12 20 Dec 2011

An N class router should also be backwards compatible with b and g wireless standards. Therefore if the wireless adaptor in the laptop or XBox isn't up to N standard then they will connect but not be able to take advantage of the the N standard.

I assume that you have a XBox 360 wireless adaptor. Is it N standard? Which laptop? Many are capable of N. It doesn't depend on Vista but the hardware.

  sneaky4343 11:14 20 Dec 2011

the xbox 360 has built in wireless it's one of the latest that were made last year and the laptop is an acer 5738z

  sneaky4343 11:17 20 Dec 2011

acer aspire 5738z i meant

  Woolwell 11:23 20 Dec 2011

From what I can find the Acer has N standard. The XBox probably has too.

  sneaky4343 11:27 20 Dec 2011

nice one bud

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