cherri 22:39 22 Dec 2005

Hi, my name is CharlotteI am a 19 year old student, I saved for months to buy my boyfriend the perfect gift, this perfect gift being a mini ipod. To add to the drama my little brother got mugged a few weeks ago and his ipod mini was stolen, I recommended that my dad bought him one from myDV also. The only reason I used myDV is because the ipod mini has been discontinued and the apple store do not sell them anymore. It is two days before Christmas and I have no way of reordering my gifts. I feel so ashamed and disappointed. I have never been ripped off before and I would not have noticed, so early on if it wasn’t for the lack of replies from my e-mails and that fact that the phone number they gave is an American voice mail.


  kevin m 19:31 24 Dec 2005

hope it works out. Happy Christmas one and all

  cherri 22:35 24 Dec 2005

Thanks for your concern. I did consult my bank and they told me there was nothing they could do for me at the moment. I need to give myDV thirty days to either reimburse me or send me the ipod I ordered.

  Forum Editor 23:01 24 Dec 2005

it's fairly obvious that this site has been deliberately configured to fool people into thinking that it's a UK-based business.

There's no mention of multi-currency charging, there's a UK contact telephone number, and a UK address. Many people appear to have become victims of unauthorised charging, and for the record it's illegal in this country to advertise goods for sale at one price, and charge a higher price to a credit card, unless you have the express authority of the cardholder. It's illegal in America too, which is why the authorities there appear to be interested.

  kevin m 23:26 24 Dec 2005

Hi Cherri

Forgot to mention the 30 days. By law they have 30 days to come up with the goods as it were.

After that they'll set the dogs on them.

And rightly so

Have a good christmas anyway

  cherri 19:35 30 Dec 2005

Hi everyone hope you all had a good Christmas.
I have just received an email informing me that myDV victims of a major initiative to bring MYDV to justice. Just go to the following site if you have been a victim myDV and bring this site down!!! click here')

  PaulB2005 19:39 30 Dec 2005

Sorry - yes we agree. I think i read your post too fast.

  bfoc 23:44 30 Dec 2005

No problem - I think using double 'negatives' (not unreasonable) can lead to confusion!

  Stuartli 00:18 31 Dec 2005

It is often cheaper to use a credit card to buy goods in other than Sterling - the conversion each day of other currencies to Sterling of transactions is usually at very favourable rates to yourself.

Debit cards carrying the Visa logo in many cases now offer similar protection to that of credit cards with the same logo.

My Halifax card, formerly Switch, now carries the Visa logo and it offers the same protection as my Visa backed LLoyds TSB Trustcard credit card.

Very comforting...:-)

  wee eddie 08:29 31 Dec 2005

My only point there was that:

The "On-line" Account details would be unlikely to show a breakdown of the Transaction Charges.

I hold no brief for myDV or whatever it's called but was pointing out an additional cost which, those that buy from abroad, frequently forget.

  Mrs Katrina Trot 16:06 04 Jan 2006

Copy of letter sent:-

I am returning the enclosed goods and would like a complete refund of £173.65 as soon as possible.

On ordering the goods on the 4th December, I sent a note when I placed the order saying if you could not delivery the goods before the 25th December then please do not process the order, either way please let me know.

The order was processed and money taken. I phoned a couple of days later to confirmed with your staff that the order would be here on time, they confirmed we would receive the order on the 15th December.

The money was taken from my credit card on the day the order was placed the 4th December, however when my credit card statement arrived you had charged the above amount of £173.65 instead of £169.95 which was the cost you quoted when I placed the order and on the invoice receipt, not at any other point was an additional charge mentioned.

I chose to use your Company as I thought it was a ‘UK’ based company, as the web address was ‘’, if I had known it was an American based Company I would not have placed the order.

To add to the drama the goods never arrived on the 15th as stated. I phoned again, I was told that you had a back log obviously because of the festive period and my goods would take priority and they would be arriving in the next 7days well in time for Christmas, your team by this time had sent an e-mail confirming what you had said on the telephone.

I waited for the goods to arrived, however they never!! I phoned and e-mailed a couple of more times, I was then told when I eventually did get through that it was in transit and DHL where holding things up. The end result was I never received the goods for Christmas. My son woke up on Christmas morning with all the PSP accessories and games but no PSP!!! Thank you for that!!!!

He was understanding and said don’t worry mum it will turn up.. So on the 28th I called again, I was going to cancel the order and go out and purchase a psp, at this point the lady on the other end of the phone persuaded me that it would be here without a doubt by not later than the 30th and some compensation would be given, I agreed.

Guess what? No PSP by the 30th! When I returned to work on the 3rd January I tried calling many times with no success, I have left a messge on voicemail saying please consider the order cancelled and refund my money, I also sent an e-mail with the same information.

When I got home on the 3rd, I had received a parcel which I though great. However when I opened the parcel it said ‘FOR SALE AND USE IN JAPAN ONLY’, all the instructions where in Japanese. This is just no good.

I am returning the goods and require a full refund.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Mrs Katrina Trotter

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