My postings got quicker!

  Miros 22:12 15 Jan 2008

Am I alone in finding that 'My Postings' got quicker to load whereas previously they were ever so much slower than say, consumerwatch helproom, or speakers corner.

Other changes include one that I have noticed is that the MBS tread now includes all the threads again that one time were split into two sections, I think there are 22 pages now!

Congratulations on a massive improvement to whoever is responsible. I thought the previous slow loading was due to the amount of traffic on these forums. Shows what little I know :-) Cheers.

  Stuartli 22:18 15 Jan 2008

You are not alone. In fact there have already been a number of comments regarding My Postings and the noticeable speed improvement; congratulations are in order to those reponsible.

Perhaps one aspect to take into consideration could be that My Postings downloads are unique to individual forum members.

  Miros 22:28 15 Jan 2008

Strange I did a search for any reference to this thread before posting but came up with zilch.

My postings co back a few years so there are a lot though must point out I'm more a receiver more than a giver of advice, and I would have long given up without that valuable advice from many others such as yourself. Thanks again to all concerned.

  laurie53 07:51 16 Jan 2008
  Miros 08:14 16 Jan 2008

I see WD45 is it, must try that next time my machine slows down :-)

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