Razza14 21:14 10 Mar 2008


I just wondered whether the following pc would be able to play games such as: Call of duty 4 etc...

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800
Nvidia 8600 GT 512MB
80GB Hard Drive


  citadel 21:19 10 Mar 2008

hard drive is way too small, games now take a lot of space, crysis for example 12g. rest is ok though you will probably have to turn down options to medium or maybe low in new games to get playable fps.

  wjrt 21:46 10 Mar 2008
  Razza14 22:11 10 Mar 2008

ok if i upgraded to 160gb would it be ok?

  GaT7 22:40 10 Mar 2008

How much are you spending for the 8600GT - £60-70?

You can get a much better graphics card for games for around the same price - 7800GTX for £60 delivered click here. It's about on par click here with the significantly better 8600GTS that costs £83 click here at least.

I had recommended this card to you a week ago in your other thread click here. G

  Goliht 07:48 12 Mar 2008

Nowt wrong with that spec, 80g is fine, you will just be somewhat limited to how many games you can install. The 86 GT is fine, but getting to be old now. If you're really looking for speed in shooters, get an sli motherboard and 2 vid cards and sli them up. The improvement is pretty amazing. Also make sure the games you want to play actually support dual/quad cores as many actually don't. You'll just be using 1 core and the other will sit at 0% usage. Of course you can change the Affinity of the processor to have windows using 1 core and the game the other, but the improvement in speed isnt significant. Using sli is tho. Also having broadband with a decent upload speed is also a great improvement, especially if you like to host games.

2 gig ram is more than enough. Only thing you've missed is the capacity of your power supply, you need to make sure it is capable of running everything a max and has plenty of output, or you might find your rig just stops working eventually.

Naturally, the bigger the psu, the more money in electricity it uses and better motherboards use less power, but dual and quads and sli obviously needs more power anyway, so the savings need to be watched closely. I'd suggest a 500w for athlon dual core and sli cards. You can get away with a 350w but it's getting abit low on power.

Much of gaming is about sound as well, so a good sound system and something linked to a cinema sound array is always a big plus, for example in cod you can actually "hear" where people are when using quad surround sound.

  GaT7 12:36 12 Mar 2008

All very good Goliht, but I think you may have missed that Razza14's working on a very tight budget :-) - although I could be the one that has missed the point?

Please see the other thread too click here.

Razza14, if you're willing to spend the amount of money on the 8600GT don't do it, no matter how many say it'll be fine. Get a better DX9 card for the same money instead. Or, put off buying one for now & save up for a really good one in the future. G

  Goliht 18:21 12 Mar 2008

If he took the overclocker route, and bought thier stuff, what most people call a tight budget could get you alot. Personally i go for abit of vavavoom, and can afford it.

At the end of the day, almost any rig will play games. And his will probably play them okay if he reduces game settings abit, i don't think he'd need to go below medium settings. Since most power gamers play on minimum settings to get highest speeds and thus lowest latency, its all kinda moot. Why pay out for a good pc if you'll never look at a game in very high settings?

Personally, i'd go with a cheap sli 2 gig ram, 450-500w psu, hd sound via an amp + surround sound. 80gig sata and a dvd multi and 19" lcd. If you have a stack of cash, you could up the specs to your hearts content.

  GaT7 23:50 12 Mar 2008

Since when was a SLi setup 'cheap'? I'd rather get a single good card than waste money on two for the similar price & performance. In addition, for the latter, one needs a SLi-enabled motherboard (costs more) & games that'll make use of SLi. G

  keef66 13:12 13 Mar 2008

Me too. Much rather have a simpler mobo and a single, decent graphics card.

  Totally-braindead 15:52 13 Mar 2008

I must admit when I built the computer I am on now I did think of later on adding another graphics card in SLI mode. Trouble is its almost as cheap for me to buy a newer card than it is to get an old card to match my existing and the newer card would probably outperform the 2 older cards in SLI mode.

To be honest I think that the SLI for me hasn't been useful.

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