My nightmare build from PC Specialist

  chas&mad 13:45 14 Mar 2010

My nightmare build with PC Specialist
Nearly £1,900's of trouble. Ordered on November 17 2009 I have only just got my money back. This sum included a monitor but NO OTHER peripherals. It was supposed to have 2 Radeon 5850 1gb graphics cards. It arrived with one sloshing around loose in the case 2 days before xmas. Could I get any response from PC Specialist? Of course not (despite several emails). Not until I finally got through on the phone. This began a conversation that has taken many weeks to conclude, most recently with a Paul Crookes who has a rather imaginative interpretation of the Sale of Goods Act. It commenced with him informing me that I had no recourse for a refund and that I MUST give the firm an opportunity to 'repair' the machine. He was 'sorry' but the card must have been dislodged in transit. My reply that the card should have been fixed with a locking lever and two screws seemed not to permeate his consciousness. I had the machine examined by a reputable, independent expert. His opinion was that the graphics card could never have been fitted and IN FACT the mother board supplied had only one PCI express slot so the 2nd card could never have been utilised!

Fortunately I had insisted on paying with a CREDIT CARD (despite having funds available). It was only through Nat West Card Services that PC Specialists were forced to refund my money and even that has taken 12 weeks from the delivery date.

PLEASE, if you deal with this company USE A CREDIT CARD and do not believe the sales manager Paul Crookes when he says you cannot get a refund or that you are 'obligated' to allow them to repair it.

Getting them to collect it is proving to be just as much a problem. For 5 separate days I have disrupted my work to be available for collection. On 4 of these occasions the carriers have failed to turn up. Once they did but refused to take the second box so I refused collection. Now PC Specialist is threatening to take me to court to pay collection fees. As I have a considerable 'counter claim' this does not concern me and I would welcome the chance to publicise this companies practices more widely.

  john 52 14:48 14 Mar 2010

Thank you for sharing your experience of the service provided by PC Specialist.
While I understand that problems can occur but how the company deals with these problems are key to there reputation
I am sure there will be posters who have had a good experience buying from them but myself I have crossed them off my list of companies I will want to deal with in the future
I think this shows how important it is with big purchases to use a credit card as a back up if things go wrong

  Hercule Marple 15:46 14 Mar 2010

Can you provide a link to the actual PC on PC Specialist's website, if it's still on sale? Or did you select the individual components for the build yourself?

  chas&mad 19:57 15 Mar 2010

It was a purpose build. There were a variety of other discrepancies with what I had specified/discussed with the sales advisor such as RAID 1 instead of 0 for the hard discs (for a performance machine?) No possible provision for USB3, a damaged crossfire lead, the case was too small as the cards fouled the motherboard, etc.etc.

  Input Overload 00:01 16 Mar 2010

I tend to do intensive research before I make a purchase from a company as it seems so much less stressful than reviewing after the event. If I was spending £1,900 it would be very, very extreme with huge massive bells on intensive.

I wouldn't touch with 5 barge-poles lashed together a company that after some Googling refuses to take credit cards. That alone would move me elsewhere unless the price seemed to good to be true, which again would steer me elsewhere.

The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten...
—Sir Henry Royce

  ray7 14:43 16 Mar 2010

click here

another interesting comment. Have we another PC Option scenario looming.

  pcspecialist 19:14 16 Mar 2010

Dear chas&mad

On behalf of pcs I can only apologise for the problems you experienced when ordering from our company. I cannot locate any order placed on 17th November 2009 that matches your description, perhaps you could send me your order number so that I can respond better to any further posts you make?

Regarding the problems mentioned, it is simply not true that we would dispatch a computer to you with the graphics card "sloshing around" inside the case, and we would strongly dispute this case. However, it is possible that if the computer was dropped or damaged during transit, that the graphics card could become dislodged.

We also do not at any point discourage customers to pay by credit card - we accept several payment methods and have always been more than happy to accept orders by credit card.

Whilst I can sympathise that you may not have had the best experience with our company, and for that I apologise, our company manufactures 1000's of computers per month, and from time to time problems do occur. I'm confident that your particular experience with our company started with the delivery company and continued when we tried to book in collections to process your return - this is not to shift the blame away from us, but perhaps if the computer had been delivered damage free you would not have had to return your computer.

If you could take a look at independent reviews on our company here: click here you can see that we have over 300 positive reviews which is increasing daily. We have started collecting these reviews to demonstrate that the vast majority of our customers are very satisfied with our service and it's often the silent majority that make up the true picture of a companies performance.

If we can assist you any further please do not hesitate to contact us, and once again I apologise for your experience.

  chas&mad 19:40 16 Mar 2010

Great advice sir. I first 'googled' on "pcspecialist" and got nothing back, I visited a couple of forums and found nothing. Then I was beguiled by what I still consider to be an excellent website. (If anyone wants to know more about the different components in a PC this is a great help BUT not up to date! No USB3, No SATA 600 and no 'Light Peak'. To be fair to myself they merely surcharged me they didn't refuse payment by CC as I too would have run a mile.

Anyway, as usual, I have benefited. The extra time I have been forced to wait before I went to another company means that a USB3 & SATA 600 motherboard came on the market. I may have to wait a little for the peripheral manufacturers to catch up but at least I am ready, at least until 'Light Peak' is launched.

The good news! The faulty PC system has finally been collected. Please have some sympathy for Mr Crookes as he feels I have been unduly harsh in my correspondence with him and extremely unfair and unreasonable in not believing that his company is capable of 'repairing' the computer. Even I have not suggested to him that he must view himself as Christ faced with Lazurus.

  chas&mad 21:36 16 Mar 2010

My order number: 317778 The order was split in two because the 'sales advisor' failed to record that I specified 2 1gb graphics card, (despite having been quoted for 2) I had to 'amend' my order at a later date when I discovered this and the 'reduction' in the ordered RAM.

Here is my real problem with 'your' company. "You say "it is simply not true..". It happened! I stand by my 'independent expert's' opinion that "the card could never have been fitted...". Further, your own invoice (received after the computer) reads: "Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD2: DDR3, SATA II, 2 PCI, 1 PCI-Ex"
In other words, even if it had been fitted it would have been throttled as there was NO PCI express (x16) connection available for it! Let alone the discussed upgrade to USB3. It was a couple of days before xmas - was someone too eager to begin celebrations?

I acknowledge that I have been less than kind to Mr Crookes but I was provoked by the attitude above and his misinterpretation of the Sale of Goods Act. I accept that the several failures on the part of his chosen carriers was not really his fault but my employer can be justifiably annoyed that I was prevented from fulfilling my responsibilities on 6 seperate days, especially as on one of these days a much loved horse, lost an eye to an infection and subsequently was put down. I, not Mr Crookes, am responsible for this but....

Anyway, I must thank Mr Crookes, and DHL for finally collecting their goods and I shall now be able to enjoy my holiday in the Bahamas although I will probably keep up with any new posts.

  pcspecialist 00:01 17 Mar 2010

Dear chas&mad

If you search for this motherboard on Google you can quite clearly see that it can support two graphics cards in SLI or Crossfire mode, so I'm afraid that your "independent expert" is quite simply wrong in his/her judgement. Also, why would we deliberately dispatch you a computer with the graphics card not fitted, and if we never fitted the graphics card, how did we manage to boot up the computer and install Windows 7?

USB 3.0 was not available on our computers at the time you placed your order, although we now have stock of USB 3.0 cards that can be installed into any configuration, and native USB 3.0 will be phased in slowly over the coming months.

Regarding "Light Peak" and SATA 600 in your previous post - again at the time of your order SATA 600 was not available from us and is only just starting to be included on our motherboards now. "Light Peak" is a technology that is a significant period away from desktop computing - perhaps 1-2 years at least, and so you are asking for a technology that is simply not available. As soon as this technology is available we will have further infomation on our website.

When we receive your computer back we will issue you a full refund - I wish you a pleasant holiday and hope that you can revisit our website at some point in the future.

  Forum Editor 01:14 17 Mar 2010

with customers in our forum. If you need to communicate in detail I suggest that you do so via email. Just invite the customer to contact you.

The person involved will be able to update us via his/her thread in due course.

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