My next Mobile Phone!!!!!

  wee eddie 18:35 29 Jun 2005

At last the industry is getting toward an intelligent Phone. The Blackberries are almost there.

I wish for a simple PDA phone with a Bluetooth headset. It will seamlessly link with M$ Outlook, in my PC, and use Outlook's Auto Dial facility.

E-mail - Pretty Useful - but only if the screen is sufficiently large to read it at least a paragraph at a time.

Camera - Quite Useful - especially when I wish to clarify physical details of something with co-workers.

GPS - Almost Useful - (I had to get to it in the end) if I happen to be lost and out of the Car. Of course, it could replace my Navigation equipment as well - then it would rise right up the scale - if the screen were big enough.

MP3 - There are too many interesting things going on around me - but others might need it. I personally do not need to anesthetize myself from life.

  wiz-king 18:59 29 Jun 2005

Do you actually want to make phone calls with it -- thats an optional extra. Just joking!!

  De Marcus 19:29 29 Jun 2005

If I could get my hands on one of motorola's Mpx 220 or 300 models I would, beautiful piece of kit, already got the mpx 200 (windows ce) and it's looking a bit tatty now.

Mpx 220 click here

Mpx 300 click here

  Dizzy Bob 20:38 29 Jun 2005

MDAIII available on T-Mobile with a satnav upgrade for £129. Handset from £119. Full featured PDA with bluetooth.

Also available on O2 as XDA

click here

click here


  Kate B 12:43 30 Jun 2005

My ideal mobile is a Sony Ericsson (I like the simple OS) with a slightly bigger screen but the phone itself no bigger than my current K700i, the ability to sync seamlessly with Outlook (no flaky third-party or proprietary software), Blackberry-style push email, a camera that's good enough to take bad pictures of my friends to go with their contacts details (and which, needless to say, show up in Outlook when I've synced) and a painless GPS. Oh yeah, and making phone calls clearly and not dropping the signal too often would be nice, too.

  Kate B 12:44 30 Jun 2005

... and oh, look, pigs flying past my flat on final approach to LHR ...

  Ancient Learner 13:09 30 Jun 2005

My present phone has a cracked screen but it still works. All I want is one to make make calls from and to, together with text messaging. All this other stuff is neither use nor ornament to me, and I don't want to pay for it, so I think I'll still be using this battered phone for many years to come.

I'm waiting for the police to be issued with 2lb lump hammers to deal with those lunatics who still insist on holding them up to their ears whilst driving. They can use the hammers on the lunatics or the phones, either will do!

  jack 20:39 30 Jun 2005

Please excuse me hijacking this thread
But you guys talking phones may be able to help me out.

I have a rarely used pay as you go phone.
As i have been abroad I got back to find that it had been pulled after 180 days of non use.

A pleading E-mail got it reinsated with residual credit.
However the thing is dialing wrong numbers.
I dialed a landline number and a gent on a mobile answers.
I dialed my home land line phone whilst sitting next to it- ringing tone - but not my phone -but same gent.
Cleared the phone book reloaded them phone my daughter[ landline] - same - now pissed off- gent.
dialed for voicemail [121] got BT message saying number not known dial 100 for BTCellnet operator
dial 100 get Claires voicemail [dont know her but she sounded nice lady]
and so it goes on.
Can a SIM card corrupt? or is it something else.
Vodaphone help[My co] had nothing to offer.

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