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My new TV has a sloping screen

  Graham. 20:32 11 Aug 2009

I bought a new TV from Comet click here. When I set it up, it was apparent the screen was tilting forward at the top click here

I returned to Comet to check their display set - it was the same.

I wrote to LG, their reply received this morning:
"This is a design feature and not actually a fault with your product, the tilting should not however be overly excessive".

So LG have designed a TV with a tilting screen? It isn't mentioned in the description. "Unique tilting screen, the world's first"

I don't think LG knew until someone went to look. I've been offered a refund, but I'd much rather have a re-engineered spacer that connects the TV to the stand.

  Graham. 12:44 12 Aug 2009

Maybe, but why not make it a selling point? I think it's a manufacturing mistake rather than a design feature. I also think they did not know about it until they read my letter.

  Bailey08787 13:58 12 Aug 2009

look on the positive side - you'd have an edge on skiing games

  Stuartli 13:59 12 Aug 2009

It doesn't actually make sense because you might be sitting closer or further away or the screen itself might be tilted at a different angle using the stand's pillar mechanism.

I was always advised that it best to watch TV or view a monitor looking slightly downwards at the screen...:-)

  Graham. 16:16 12 Aug 2009

I've just checked, from my seat 6 feet away, the screen is at right-angle to my waist.

  BT 16:56 12 Aug 2009

"I was always advised that it best to watch TV or view a monitor looking slightly downwards at the screen...:-)"

Just what I was always told. 'Top of monitor at eye level'

  Graham. 17:05 12 Aug 2009

The top of the TV is at eye level. Trouble is, it's pointing downwards.

  Stuartli 17:34 12 Aug 2009

Does the stand not have a pillar tilt facility?

It can't be pointing downwards more than a small amount judging by the upright edge of the TV against that of the window frame.

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