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My new TV has a sloping screen

  Graham. 20:32 11 Aug 2009

I bought a new TV from Comet click here. When I set it up, it was apparent the screen was tilting forward at the top click here

I returned to Comet to check their display set - it was the same.

I wrote to LG, their reply received this morning:
"This is a design feature and not actually a fault with your product, the tilting should not however be overly excessive".

So LG have designed a TV with a tilting screen? It isn't mentioned in the description. "Unique tilting screen, the world's first"

I don't think LG knew until someone went to look. I've been offered a refund, but I'd much rather have a re-engineered spacer that connects the TV to the stand.

  Bald Eagle 20:42 11 Aug 2009

Not at home at the moment so cannot check the make but my flat screeen 32"? TV does the same!

  Al94 21:46 11 Aug 2009

My Panasonic, Samsung and Cello are all upright, is it adjustable?

  Graham. 22:05 11 Aug 2009

That's a camera effect.

Al94, nope.

  Quiet Life 22:28 11 Aug 2009

My LG 42i.tilts a few degrees but never noticed it till I looked today. I cannot see that it matters.

  Stuartli 22:54 11 Aug 2009

If it tilted backwards, judging by the stand's support pillar, it might be more prone to tipping/being knocked over.

  BRYNIT 00:27 12 Aug 2009

Thinking back I believe you found this TV more suitable in your conservatory in sunny weather. I could be wrong but if The TV was in a more upright position instead of tilting forward you may have the same problem as you first TV.

  laurie53 07:20 12 Aug 2009

"left side looks like its tiling forward and the near side as though it is tilting back,"

Tilted screen is one thing, but a twisted screen is something else again.


  Stuartli 08:18 12 Aug 2009

Just might be camera lens barrel and/or pincushion distortion...

  wee eddie 11:06 12 Aug 2009

The angle is set so that, when sitting in the most ergonomically suitable position, the Screen is a right angles to your line of sight.

  Quiet Life 12:34 12 Aug 2009

wee eddie
Makes sense.

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