My new computer...

  Graham. 15:57 19 Oct 2008

is cheaper than my old one, and that's 7 years old click here (aren't you all jealous, now?)

  Totally-braindead 16:08 19 Oct 2008

Am I jealous? Not really. Its a very good price for the system but its got Vista on it which I wouldn't want, it has quad core which at the moment you don't really need (though I admit it will be handy for future programs that are written to take advantage of it) and lastly it has a very poor graphics card and has a low spec power supply meaning that if you did decide to fit a decent graphics card you would have to buy a new power supply as well.

Don't get me wrong. I am not slagging the computer, for most things it should be very fast indeed and thats a good price especially considering it comes with 3 gig of RAM all for less than £400. Its a good deal at that price.

  Graham. 17:17 19 Oct 2008

Thanks, it will do me for now.

It's high time I tried Vista for myself, I've got an XP disc if I don't get on with it.

  [email protected] 19:19 19 Oct 2008

3gb 2 ram slots? im guessing 2gb + 1gb? doesnt state the motherboard or ram speeds. the pc doesn't seem to match the spec of the cpu somehow. fair value i suppose.

  Graham. 19:24 19 Oct 2008

Reviewers report 'Motherboard is G31 by foxconn and ram is 800mhz'.

  [email protected] 19:31 19 Oct 2008

oh yeah! well that all seems ok, it is a good buy, i think the guy who put a graphics card on it may here a pop from the power supply shortly. if you don't game the onboard would be fine though, and power supplies aren't expensive should you wish to upgrade at later date. you got it yet?

  Graham. 19:32 19 Oct 2008

No, it's due Tuesday.

  [email protected]m 19:39 19 Oct 2008

ok, post us a review, when you get it? can't believe how much pc prices have fallen and we all have to partially thank microsoft for giving us the lovely ram guzzling vista for this i think!

  Graham. 19:46 19 Oct 2008

Will do, leave this open for now.

I'm expecting a sharp contrast with my old one, it's so slow now. I fitted a new Hard Drive and installed a clean version of XP Home, but that made little difference.

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