My Mesh PC - Nightmare!!!

  z3phyr04 23:34 04 Jun 2005

I recieved my Mesh PC in good time on the delivery date and set it up without hassle. Firstly the specifications:

Asus A8N-E Motherboard
AMD 64 3500+
1024MB Nanya RAM
Asus 6800GT
250GB Maxtor HDD
CD-RW (Sony)
DVD-RW (Sony)

I won't bore you with the perphierals I have purchased as they work perfectly. I payed in the region of 1600 pounds for this PC and it worked admirably until last sunday. I watched a film on PowerDVD and turned it off while I went out. I came back about 4 hours later and turned it on and it just stuck at the xp loading screen not doing anything, so I re-booted - same problem. I tried the F10 option and that did not work so I went into safe mode and managed to backup the documents I needed onto external media. Then I popped in the XP CD and re-formatted the partition with Windows on and re-installed. It seemed to be successful until about 3 reboots later when the xp loading screen simply froze and the HDD loading light was just on. I rebooted and it said SYSTEM DISK FAILURE, so I rebooted again and it did the same thing with the loading screen. So I tried re-formatting again and again it worked for a few reboots and then did the same thing, so I rang Mesh up.

The person was actually quite helpful and rang me back as I had to get back to work. When he did he asked me if I'd tried the various ways of recovery which I had so he asked me to reformat the whole drive this time including the recovery partition and if it still wasn't working there was some return labels being posted to me. I tried it and it worked for about 10 reboots this time before it did the same thing. This time I realised it must be hardware, so, knowing Mesh operate an open case policy and knowing how to remove and replace hardware I took out the secondary RAM chip and it did the same thing so I swapped it and low and behold the system started working. I thought that that would be the end of the problems for now but it seems the hard drive is damaged and has bad sectors. It will still sometimes fail to boot and there is now a problem where the windows hard drive scanner can't even scan the hard drive properly. I haven't had this PC for a month yet and I am disgusted with it. Can I return it as not fit for purpose as it using cheap components for a 1660 pound PC. The keyboard now does not even manage to show certain keys such as the pound sign and the 'at' sign but I am sure this is a problem with the PC and not the keyboard as it works on another pc.

I would not really like a replacement as obviously the PCs are using low grade internal parts and it seems it would be cheaper to build a better quality system. Where do I stand on this matter?

  polo 23:45 04 Jun 2005

I think the 'at' sign problem will be due to your being on American English?

  z3phyr04 23:48 04 Jun 2005

Yes but apart from that, what can I do about the rest of this PC?

  spuds 12:09 05 Jun 2005

You have no claim under the Consumer Protection [Distance Selling]Regulations 2000, but you should have protection under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 [as amended].The machine is less than six month old, so the manufacturer as the responsibility to prove that the computer is correct. click here

I notice that you have stated that the build was by using cheap components, after your 'open-case' inspection. Is this the reason that you are wanting to reject the computer, or is it the fact that you are annoyed that your computer as turned out to be a problem machine.Either way, this is a case that you will need to take up with Mesh.

  z3phyr04 12:18 05 Jun 2005

I am annoyed by both facts that it is a problem machine and that they used such cheap components for such a high cost machine. Reasonably people cannot be expected to part with such an amount for it then to break and realise they have bought a problematic machine which has been caused by cheap parts.

Do you think I have a case under "not fit for purpose" or "of satisfactory quality" as the PC is not fit for doing pretty much anything except trying to get it to work properly and only occasionally sometimes succeding and that at the time of sale Mesh did not point out that the system would come with cheap RAM?

  bremner 12:30 05 Jun 2005

Where is the nightmare?

You have been unlucky that your hard drive has failed - thats it.

You do not say what low grade products have been installed.

Just conatct Mesh and they will replace the HDD under its warranty.

Why do you think you are entiltled to a replacement?. If you had bought a car and the starter motor failed after a month would you expect a new car!!

  z3phyr04 12:30 05 Jun 2005

Might I just add all this is aside from the fact that when building the PC the person/people who put it together decided that it would be best to just not tell me that the fan on the side of the case that can be removed didn't work so on connecting it and booting the machine it made a horrible noise and I had to take it back off.

  z3phyr04 12:38 05 Jun 2005

It is not just my HDD but the RAM that is failing. It is cheap RAM that shouldn't be in a computer of this specification. Had Mesh informed me of the type of RAM they were installing into this computer I simply wouldn't have bought it. Isn't that their fault for not telling me what I'm getting and trying to pull the wool over my eyes?

  spuds 13:03 05 Jun 2005

I cannot see how someone is is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Mesh produce a large number of computers to the same specifications, and some customers have nothing but praise, both for quality and after-care. As in all walks of life, there are problems, and it would appear as though you have a problem that needs correction, but this can only be sorted out by you and Mesh.

If you wanted a complete specification sheet or fitted component advice, then you could have possibly asked for this prior to purchase. If Mesh were unwilling to supply this information, or you had suspicions, then you could have made a purchase with some other manufacturer who may have offered something nearer to your precise specifications.

Get in touch with Mesh, and see what they have to say. Mesh have company resident viewers on this forum, perhaps they will make contact with you shortly.

  z3phyr04 13:15 05 Jun 2005

Yes, maybe Mesh do produce many PCs but the fact remains that customers use PCs for many different things from word processing to gaming. I purchased a new PC for gaming. Maybe Mesh should provide the manufacturers of all the products they put into their systems before completing a purchase but they do not. They still only provide me with the information that the RAM is "standard device types". What use is this to people that need to know this information only to find out it is a cheap quality component? None.

Why wasn't I told exactly what I was getting instead of just a general list of components and why did Mesh not replace the faulty fan on the side casing of the PC if they knew it was broken. The answer to all this: to cut corners and costs. The company may produce satisfactory PC systems for a lot of consumers who will have no problems with them but it is the lack of information prior to and after purchase with a large amount of money for the average consumer to part with. It is only by actually looking physically at the PC on the inside that the whole picture becomes apparent.

  bremner 13:21 05 Jun 2005

From what you have posted there is a clear indication that the HDD is failing. The question of the memory is much less clear.

You have said delivery was good and the response from Customer Services was helpful. Give Mesh a chance to fix the problem before suggesting you are having a 'nightmare' and they have 'pulled the wool over your eyes".

Concilliation is better than confrontation.

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