My item just maybe gone forever? Item "Delivered A

  kitsunechibi 04:41 19 Jul 2008

Hi everyone, i am very desperate right now and would like some (or alot) of help.

I am a buyer, ordered and paid for my items (in total $300) it was posted under Express Shipping with estimate delivery time to be 1-5 days (i've ordered from this seller before, with over 6 orders where each orders are around $150).

It was posted on the 30th June. On the 15th June, seeing that the item didn't arrive yet i request from the seller the tracking id. This is the result:

Delivered Abroad, July 07, 2008, 1:08 pm, AUSTRALIA
At Foreign Delivery Unit, July 07, 2008, 8:04 am, AUSTRALIA
ut of Foreign Customs, July 06, 2008, 7:36 pm, AUSTRALIA
Out of Foreign Customs, July 04, 2008, 7:25 pm, AUSTRALIA
Into Foreign Customs, July 04, 2008, 3:46 pm, AUSTRALIA
Arrived Abroad, July 04, 2008, 3:46 pm, AUSTRALIA
International Dispatch, July 01, 2008, 8:56 pm, O'HARE APT/CHICAGO
Processed, July 01, 2008, 8:56 pm, CHICAGO, IL 60666
Processed, June 30, 2008, 4:24 pm, DES MOINES, IA 50318
Acceptance, June 30, 2008, 3:47 pm

But i didn't receive it at all >_ My family and neighbours said that know nothing bout it. When i filled in form for Proof of Delivery (Verify who signed for your item by email, fax, or mail.) what came up was that no signature was found for this id.

I informed the seller this and the seller said that they posted the item and provided the tracking id, and that they filled their responsibility as a seller and that i need to take care of it myself, and that i should check my local post office. I went to my local postal office and was told that there are no ways for them to track the postage at all and should contact the USPS office. I emailed the USPS office and am currently awaiting their reply-- but they stated within their website clearly that most claims could be be completed by the seller (which my seller stated that she will not care for).

Ok, so maybe 18 days for delivery does not seem long, but considering i paid for Express Shipping (i don't really care for late shipping) but the fact that the USPS tracking stated that item has been "Delivered Abroad" means it has reached my address (on the 7th June) which it hasn't.

So, here's the question: Who is at fault? The buyer (myself)? The seller? The USPS posting? The AUS Post? Question #2 what i should do????? Also, more for curiosity sake: If no one is at fault, then shall we blame the system whereas it lacks benefits?

Thanks for any help provided.


  Forum Editor 07:52 19 Jul 2008

rather than Speakers Corner, and I'll move it there now. Then I'll respond.

  Forum Editor 08:04 19 Jul 2008

Consumer legislation states that goods sent via the postal service or a courier company are 'at the seller's risk' until received by the buyer.

That means you can expect the seller to bear the liability for packages lost in transit, and most sellers insure goods for that reason. You don't say who you bought these items from, but the situation is obviously made more complex because you're in Australia, and the seller is in America. It sounds as if your order was shipped via the US Postal service to Australia, and that the Australian Postal service assumed responsibility for its onward journey to you.

In those circumstances you'll find it difficult to pin the responsibility for non-delivery on anyone. The items were tracked into Australia, and transited the Australian Customs, so it seems obvious that they went missing at some point after that. If the Australian Postal service say you took delivery you'll have to deal with them, and if they don't have a signature you may be able to get some form of compensation. You certainly can't make any claim against the US Postal service, because your goods were tracked into Australia.

  birdface 08:14 19 Jul 2008

Looks like it has been delivered to the wrong address or left with a neighbor who has then kept it.It is obvious the seller has sent it.But if no insurance taken with the item it may be hard to claim.I suppose if you paid by credit card you may be able to claim the money back from them.I am sure someone will be able to give you the proper information that you need.

  spuds 11:28 19 Jul 2008

I am not sure if you have consumer advice centres or facilities in Australia, similar to those of the UK. The same may possibly apply to credit card or finance arrangement transactions. Here in the UK we have section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, which can be very beneficial in resolving issues similar to that which you are seeking advice.

I would suggest that you investigate the two options mentioned, and possibly seek advice there, and as to how consumer laws work in Australia.Your Postal Service may have certain regulations regarding investigations and possible compensation. Again, best to seek advice more local. Here in the UK we have Post Watch, which will investigate and offer help with our Royal Mail postal services.

  pj123 17:33 19 Jul 2008

kitsunechibi, Do you really mean this?

"It was posted on the 30th June. On the 15th June, seeing that the item didn't arrive yet i request from the seller the tracking id."

How do you expect something that was posted on the 30th June to arrive on the 15th June?

  Forum Editor 17:38 19 Jul 2008

It's pretty obvious that it's an error. It wasposted on the 30th June and hadn't arrived by 15th July.

  kitsunechibi 18:07 19 Jul 2008

Thank you for moving the thread and your comment. Surprising, it is the USPS mail site that seem to welcome my problem more than my local post and the seller. The seller replied to me once more saying that they hope i can figure what to do by myself since offering the tracking id is all they can do.

My local post office said i should go to another local post office since they don't know what to do.

I emailed my local post office company and requested help. Awaiting response.

The USPS said that they cannot handle this problem via email and would like the seller to call the US number since they are local.

Just a desperate question: Whoever the responsibility befalls on, i don't care, really. I am just desperate to know if chances are i will see the items arrived ever?

~Thanks again for your comment. Problem not yet resolved, awaiting replies from the business.


PS: Yeah, that is a typo. 15th July is correct, thanks for explaining it for me.

  kitsunechibi 18:16 19 Jul 2008

buteman: I asked my family and neighbors about it. The street i live in consist of my family everywhere (it's like a gang family ^^'), next door is my grandma/pa/uncle/cousin/aunt, across the street is my cousins, 3 houses away my cousins, 4 houses away my cousins, up the hill my aunt and uncle, a little further up the hill is my aunt and uncle again, etc. Well, yeah. I asked ALL of them till they got a little mad. Same goes for my neighbors. About the credit card, i did used it but i don't think it would be appropriate to claim the money back since the items was posted but went missing, it is not the seller's fault. Though i do wish to have them offer a helping hand. T_T

spuds: After reading your comment, i researched a little about the seller's rights and information about the postal claim thingy. To my surprise, Australia actually offers something like that. It is called the "The Postal Industry Ombudsman (PIO)"(is an independent body that investigates complaints about the postal and courier industry). I don't know if they be happy to hear from me but i believe i will contact them when weekends are over. (Though i have classes and am dreading it, i am currently hoping weekends are over so i call them and ask questions). Thank you for your comment.

  Ranger 10:15 20 Jul 2008

I think the seller is being a little unhelpful and shorsighted here, surely it wouldn't take them much to contact ups and explain the problem, especially for a customer who has spent several hundred dollars with them before and most probably would have in the future, maybe you should point this out to them

  Forum Editor 10:38 20 Jul 2008

that the US Postal Service did its job - it passed the package to the Australian Postal Service. We know this happened because it was tracked through Australian Customs.

Your argument, if there is one, is with the Australian Postal Service, rather than with the seller or the American postal service.

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