my hellr with orange

  Jade 14 G 12:26 27 May 2007

I was one of the people that didn,t see watchdog on tv and as my son was having no trouble as he had joined when it was changing from wanadoo to orange so reading the reviews then, orange seemed to be best of a bad bunch area. So first time with a router that l had bought for forty two pounds my son tried five hours to get online but never saw a page so next day l tried and nothing, so then rang them up and l had to beg to be put throgh to there help section,finally l got through in the day but was kept waiting 40 mins and was told later they do that hoping you would put the phone down. I had sold my laptop so had no way to get back to my dial up, so kept ringing day after day and the last day l stuck it out for 45 mins waiting till they got someone and this guy came on, he thought l had been online and was shouting at me to go to tools ect but had never seen a page online and l was trying to tell him but as he couln't understand english it was hopless then he started shouting at me l had enough so rang again to get of orange so clicked option for new people to join them and that was anwered and this guy said there was no way to be able to leave,told him l had canceld direct debit so was then told he could get me online and if l left l would have to pay £249 and asked for what as there was no way l was paying it then the guy started begging me to give orange another try otherwise he would be in trouble but l was not going to give them anything else so then rang Trading Standards for help and they didn't think they could so rang there head office and was told because l had ordered over the phone and not online it was illegal for them to charge me anything as had signed nothing so she tried for over two weeks and finally said it was ok and orange would send a confermation email. What came was a email telling me l had joned there starter package which l hadn't so trading standards started again and said orange was the worst they had dealed with, so another week went past and she thought if l rang and gave my pasword it would be over and that time l got the right email and a english lady rang to say l would not have to pay a pennny to orange and after that l went back to dial up and am still a month later thinking which one should l join. I have to order food ect online as am disabled and do classes in textile art so have to be online but have to say after all that its a pleasure to be on dial up as am a bit scared to join any broardband as when you read the reviews there is bad things about most of them,

  STREETWORK 13:03 27 May 2007

Its nice to know that others are experiencing this type of problem from orange customer support.

You got to be careful in ordering on-line and they must offer you a 'cooling off' period under the distance selling regulations.

your trading standards are correct in saying you do not owe them a thing as you have not used the services they promised.

It took me 3 days to set up my livebox, their so called help line did not help in any way and suggested all sorts of rubbish. I know how to set up a router to a competent standard and the reson for not being able to connect was down to buggy drivers supplied on the disk...

Try BT...

  p;3 10:25 28 May 2007

please post a bit on and let the fe know on

click here

he and others are trying to do SOMETHING to sort this and other problems with orange

  Jade 14 G 18:01 28 May 2007

I am so glad to be away from orange, never want anything to do with them ever again and that includes mobiles as well.
I did look at bt but the website put me of as put in search what l wanted a broardband and phone package but everything that came up was there new soft phones and video phones and in the end l gave up and there were lots of grahphics dancig about. Would love to find someone that is on madasafish as on the website it looks good plus the customer reviews are good on compare sites, far up on all the bigger ones and l wanted to have to be able to go online as much as l want and madasafish offers 125 hrs a week which is good plus a free router.
if you know anyone that uses them l would like to know from them if its ok.
I normaly go by my gut instint but after orange and before that tiscarlie l am getting a bit more wary,

  p;3 21:06 28 May 2007

of interest I am with BT and so far ( apart from the server going off for a few days last year )have had NO problems at all;

you may wish to put a thread in comsumer watch ON madasafish to see if anyone on here responds; ya never know until ye asks

from what I have read about orange and the threads on the orange forum they are in a boat load of trouble::((

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