My first Ebuyer order

  VNAM75 19:56 26 Jun 2007

I ordered a laptop and various peripherals on Sunday night. It was a very straight forward process and I opted to pay by credit card. However, the online status is still showing as security check (after 2 days). My concern is whether there is a problem with my credit card. I thought security clearance of a credit card could be done almost immediately. I heard nothing to say it has been declined though.

  spuds 20:50 26 Jun 2007

Phone Ebuyer on 0871 521 3300 and ask them if there is a problem and if so, to explain the situation.

If you ordered on Sunday, then Ebuyer would not have done any security checks until Monday at the earliest, during normal office hours (Monday to Friday).The rest of the system is automated for taking orders.

  SB23 20:56 26 Jun 2007

I shouldn't worry about it. If there is a problem they will contact you.

  VNAM75 21:36 26 Jun 2007

OK, thanks. I'll give it till tomorrow before I contact them. One thing I should mention is, when I was ordering I bypassed the visa "verisign" or something (?) option where it tells you if you have opted out more than 3 times in total there may be a delay/refusal on your card the next time you ordered. I have previously opted out a few times before - don't know if this has anything to do with it.

  spuds 23:32 26 Jun 2007

Visa/Ebuyer have an arrangement were you can provide an additional password. If you do not 'set-up' this arrangement, then further checks are required, which can result in slight delays. Perhaps that is one of the reasons ie security check!.

Give it a day or two.Ebuyer will not release something like a laptop until they have completed the security procedures. Safeguards you and them.

  VNAM75 13:09 27 Jun 2007

I just phoned them and they said there is a backlog in the number of security checks still to be done because some of the accounts staff have been affected by the flooding and therefore working at home.

  Belatucadrus 21:13 27 Jun 2007

Of course, they're Sheffield based, bet that's thrown a spanner in the works.

I was about to put an order on another company from Sheffield this morning, when I decided to see if there was anybody there. They said while they were still working, postal service was shot to hell and if the dam goes they'll be blacked out. Not surprisingly they weren't making any delivery promises.

  Gerifraf 00:07 28 Jun 2007

I live nearby and its horrendous, lines are intermittent, lights keep going out. Dont be to harsh on us!

  14U2 10:25 28 Jun 2007

E.Buyer are now based at Howden in East Yorkshire which has been quite badly affected by the weather but not to the extent that Sheffield has

  ened 17:34 28 Jun 2007

Can someone explain why there is a security check on a cedit card.

Admittedly I haven't ordered anything from Ebuyer in over a year but I never used to suffer any delays.

Is this something new?

  Forum Editor 19:33 28 Jun 2007

Security checks tend to be made on orders for higher-priced items, and are an anti identity theft precaution.

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