My dell XPS nightmare

  harry1511 00:56 02 Nov 2007

I am sending you this e-mail to enlighten you about the resent experience of trying to order a new laptop from dell. On the 3rd of October I phone dell and placed an order for a XPS 1730 laptop. I asked the Sales person Kavit Abrol (x74459 [email protected]) about any possible delays as I was moving to Canada at the beginning of November and when need the system by then. I was told that there where none (as state on the dell web site) and the estimated shipping date would be 22nd of October. Kavit informed me that he would keep in touch with how the system progressed and also gave me a tracking number, allowing me to monitor my systems progress online.
The weeks passed and I continued to monitor the progress online the system remained in the pre-production stage and i received no e-mail updates from my "Friendly" sales person. On the 17th of October I decided to e-mail Kavit and ask if the system would still reach me on time and if there was a problem with the order. I recieved a reply stating "there is no problem the order is in production, but your estimated shipping date has been extended to the 7th of November"!!!!
On the 21st of October with the system still showing pre-production on the dell status page I sent another e-mail stating i would be willing to wait till the end of October for my order, but after that i would be forced to cancel as i would be leaving for canada soon after that. I received a reply on the 22nd of October from Kavit stating he would call me with new information. He phoned later that day telling me that the solid state hard drive in my order was delaying it and he was unable to change my order to not include it, but my drive was due in on the 29th of October and that in his experience orders are normally shipped the day after.
On 25th of October i e-mailed asking if the drive was still expected in on the 29th and this was confirmed by an e-mail from kavit. The 29th arrived at 2pm I sent an e-mail asking for an update, a reply came from kavit saying the drive was still expected in and he would e-mail me with news later. At 5pm i spoke to Kavit and was told that the drive had arrived and my system was being tested.
30th of October I asked for a quote from Dell Canada as I would be leaving in 8 days and was now beginning to think my system was not going to arrive despite the assurances of the sales team at dell. I was informed by them that they could supply me with the same spec system as my UK one with the Addison of another solid state hard drive giving me dual 64gb drives at only £4 extra in price. This system would reach me in 10-12 business days and there where no shipping delays at dell canada.
This information I forwarded to Kavit on the 31st of October and was told that he would look into the mater and have his supervisor call me. I received a call from Jhimlee Biswas ( [email protected]) and was told that they where still waiting for my hard drive to arrive??? and that the price difference between the machines would be looked into.
1st of November I checked the online status of my order to discover the estimated shipping time of my order had changed to the 14th of November, Yet i had still not receive any e-mails about this change of status? That morning Jimlee called to tell me that the system is now being tested and that although they cannot upgrade my system to the dual drive system i will recieve compensation of £168. She informed me my laptop would arrive at the start of next week Monday 4th or Tuesday 5th latest in time for my departure. However later that day I received an e-mail from Vikas Raina ( [email protected] Kavit's manager) Stating the system will be shipped ON Tuesday or Wednesday, this meaning the laptop would arrive after i left. This being different from the dates given to me in my earlier conversation and much to late for me. I attempted to e-mail and call kavit, jhimlee and Vikas non of which answered their phone, leaving a message on each i continued to try to reach someone at sale's who could help. Eventually I ended up talking to Farhana ([email protected]) a manager in Customer care I was told by her that there where no XPS 1730 in stock and that me order would not be reaching me till the 14th of November as stated on my online status page.

  harry1511 00:57 02 Nov 2007

I continued to try to reach someone in sales who could give me some information about my order, this time i reached Nimie a sales manager she also checked the status of my order and iformed me that it was the extreme processor i had ordered that was delaying my laptop due to there being non in stock and that i was unlikly to recieve the order by wednesday. She informed me she would look into the mater and someone would call me before 5:15pm.
As expected by know i recieved no call from dell, this being the final straw I am now canceling my order for my laptop and will begin the wait for a refund. The constant miss information provided by the staff at dell, their inability to provide any form of shipping information and attempts to string me along so i don't cancel, has totally destroyed any confidence that i had in dell as a computer supplier. I feel that all dell had an interest in was getting my order without a care for if they could provide me with the product. After this experience i do not think i will attempt to reorder from Dell canada and will seek a laptop from another source. Sadly I'm not the only dell customer in the UK to fall foul of this and forums such as have pages of people who have received the dreaded " your shipping date has been extended" email. I just hope that more people don't fall foul to the Dell customer service nightmare that I'm hoping to wake up from.

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